Assistance please.

  1. I would like a bit of info if anyone can help. I found this pic in the Celeb section and was wondering what a bag like this costs?

    Is it an old style? Does/Did it come in many colors?

    What kind of measurements would this bag be like?

    Any info is appreciated.

  2. It's an old style 'Veneta" or large hobo. I think it was 04 or 05 and is commonly called hobo with grommets or something. Another forum was guessing that it was the larger 20 inch wide hobo but since it is one of the Olson twins and they are so tiny it could be the medium.
  3. Thank you just catches my eye!!!

    I am always a few years behind.
  4. Marley has a blue grommet hobo in her avatar--is it the same one?
  5. I will have to go look!!!^^