Assimilation is complete

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  1. I have always carried neutral colored bags, blacks and browns and burgundies.

    My rouge vif was the first "colorful" bag I had ever carried, but I still considered red to be a neutral.

    I have been wanting a black b-bag for a while because most of my shoes are black, but after carrying my black twiggy for a week, I find myself reaching for my red city because the black just doesn't seem to "pop."

    Oh no -- what is next? Blue, green, purple? Colors that I have never considered other than for an inexpensive evening bag to go with a specific dress.
  2. congrats on the daring colour b bags :p

    i think something in bright blue like the french blue or something green would be great!
  3. Balenciaga makes such gorgeous colours, that it's great that you are wanting them : ) It doesn't mean that you have to go with Apple Green, but something like Cornflower, or Blue Glacier, something with colour, but not really bright would be just beautiful!

    Go with it!

    I wish you well,

  4. I love the new Aquamarine for summer, but, I guess it is all about what works with your wardrobe. I wear alot of gray and black with white for work and jeans with white on the weekends and I just love the way the aqua looks with those. It is also gorgeous with browns and tans which would work for fall as well. Whatever you choose, welcome to the obsession!!! :graucho:
  5. Aqua or Vert Gazon.
  6. Someone here recently said that the vert gazon color really works as a neutral. You wouldn't think it because it is so bold, but I didn't think rouge VIF would be either, but it does work as a neutral (as you say). Looking at the colors in Bridget's avatar above, I guess they could all work as a neutral. If you think about the recent pics posted in the celebrity thread of Nicole Ritchie, she doesn't necessarily match her bags to her outfits, but they seem to go nevertheless.
  7. French Blue.:yes:
  8. grass green?
  9. blue, green, yellow ,orange, it does not matter what color you choose for your next bbag. Because whatever color you choose, you will find yourself needing (or is it wanting???) more colors to add to your collection. Yes, your assimilation is complete, you have finally become a crazy bbag addict like the rest of us. :nuts:
  10., green or yellow......:heart: :heart:
  11. Let me know what you decide!!
    I am in the same boat, I have a lot of blacks now but I am seriously considering either Aqua or Vert Gazon!