Asset Management !

  1. Part of been a woman and dressing successfully is knowing your body and what works for you.

    Do you know how to make the most of your figure ?
  2. flat butt--jeans with pocket flaps work for me.
  3. I am really short and about a size 3 with ... ummm a set of cantelopes ... not to say I dont apreciate my girls but in Business atire you dont want to hang out all over the plce .. so classy wrap tops and square- neck camis are my best friends, to enhance with out lokking to vampish... :amuse:
  4. I am short 5'1 and have a 34D and the rest of my body is small. I hate it , hate it , hate it soo much. I try to wear v necks. And i have a lot of trouble finding shirts that look great. I wear a size 0 or 00 and I have problems finding pants that fit snug, I love my Seven jeans in size 24, they fit, but citizens of humanity in a 24 are huge. I duno what to do. :cry:
  5. Jeans with back pocket works best for me. I love low cut tops, it accentuates my chest. Nothing too clingy.
  6. Anything that accentuates my shoulders/collar bone area and my back (lots of halters and tanks). I've worked really hard to get my shoulders and back looking nice (insert shameless tooting of horn here) :nuts: :P
  7. OMG.. I know how you feel , I am not a 0 but I do notice that sizes are so weird in so many makes ... I like paper denim and cloth ... they have nice slim fit jeans ... I buy a size 3 in one brand an then in others size 2 falls right off... and I cant even BUY off the rack Dresses ...they never fit the bust and if they do they are too big everywhere else !! and Victoria Secrets hardly ever has 34dd....:sad2:

  8. Ohhhh poor baby. Size 0 and big boobs.....
    LOL You sound adorable.

    PS shut up!
  9. Am a cutey with a booty :smile: ...... so i have probably with buying jeans or pants sometimes , i have that extra in the waist becasue i have to buy pants to go ova the booty : )
  10. I'm curvy so I end up buying a lot of form fitting type stuff, which drives my grandmother crazy :biggrin: Shes like..why are you wearing that! Put something over it :lol:
  11. All my fat goes to my upper body (:cry: ) so during the summer, instead of wearing tank tops, I tend to wear more skirts with shirts that coverup top.
  12. I don't really know what works or not so I suck it up, put it on and turn to BF. He's good 99% of the time. I'm not good at matching clothes either. On thing I do know is that black pants and button up shirts really work well on me. It's what my work attire usually is too!
  13. I have an hourglass figure, so I don't wear anything that cuts me off right at the hips (like drop-waisted dresses, etc.). I also look horrible in those tops that have a point right at your collarbone and then two straps that you tie around your neck. Other than that, most clothing works on me, and I usually wear form-fitting stuff that accentuates my waist.
  14. Yep. I look at the whole silhouette of any outfit. You can have multiple great pieces but put together you just look a mess. For instance, if I wear wide leg pants I don't wear a billowing top. I'm 5'1, (flucuate between a size 2 and 4) so I can't go big all over. I can do slim silhouettes by themselves, wide leg pants & fitted top and vice versa. I could go on and on but you get the idea. :biggrin:
  15. I try to stay away from capri pants and super low rise jeans. They just make me look shorter.