Asscher or round brilliant?

  1. If you had a choice, would you choose a 2 carat asscher, or 2 carat round brilliant? We are currently ring shopping, and I am undecided as to which I prefer. I do know that we'll go with a solitaire setting. Let me know which one you would pick, and why ...
  2. Hi I would go for an asscher cut, I am also looking at rings in the 2 carat size also. Are you based in the UK or US?
    The reason I like the asscher cut is the fact that it is different.!x
  3. I would go for the asscher cut, too. Like Sammyjoe said, it's different...but I also think more sophisticated looking.
  4. I'd go for the round. It has far greater light return and is much sparklier, whereas step-cuts like the asscher has more of a glow to it. Plus, the round faces up larger than an asscher, which carries more carat weight in the depth. And, it's a total classic and will be a total *headlight* as a solitaire! Just make sure it's ideal/excellent cut (the most important C!).

    Don't get me wrong, I loooooove me a good asscher, but I'd save the 2-carat asscher for my 10-year wedding anniversary as a right hand ring!
  5. It really is a matter of personal choice. Maybe if you could try both cuts on you could make a decision. I know I had to do that. In the end I chose a 2.17 carat round brilliant cut, but that's not at all what I thought I wanted when we started shopping!
  6. I tried them all on, and I ended up with a 3ct. radiant, and it's the sparkliest thing I've ever seen. Between your two choices, The round will be more sparkly, but the asscher is more different.
  7. Round is more classic, IMO.
  8. I would chose the RB because it will sparkle more and it will face up larger than the asscher in the same carat weight.
  9. I love the asscher cut :love: That's what I'm looking for as well
  10. I would go for the round. I like the idea of getting an asscher later as a right hand ring.
  11. Round.
  12. I went round for the e-ring! I'm hoping, hoping, HOPING I can get a nice Asscher for my 10 year...THAT will be awhile!! :smile:
  13. Woo-hoo! That was my 800th post! HURRAY!
  14. Round. Face up size is bigger and I prefer the sparkle in a round to an asscher. I think asscher's are gorgeous but they don't have the blingbling I like. :smile:

    If you feel you still want some asscher after you get your round brilliant, you can always get a band made with asschers. sells GORGEOUS ones in their Facets Collection. Very reputable seller, insanely high quality pieces.
  15. I have an Asscher and I love it!