Asscher cut diamonds anyone?

  1. I have grown too crazily in love with Asscher cut diamonds!!! Anyone in the same boat? :biggrin: Sounds like hubby in deep trouble!!! Hhahahaha
  2. ooooh me me me!! i want an ascher upgrade soooo badly. i've talked about it so much and saved so many pictures hubby has forbidden me to speak of it again until christmas 2008 (six months before our 5 yr anniversary). oops. :biggrin:
  3. I LOVE this cut and managed to get one from DH for my 10th Anniversary.:love::love: I truly get more compliments on it than I ever imagined. I think DH (who was hesitant at first) is happy he gave in!
    Highly recommended cut, but I found symmetry was VERY important when looking for the perfect stone.
  4. I sure am! I love the branded cut (Royal Asscher), but we got more carat for the money by going with an unbranded stone. I'm currently working on a new e-ring that will have a blush pink sapphire Asscher for a center stone. :love:
  5. My mom has an asscher cut diamond set in a pretty awesome way- with two triangular points reflecting the pyramid bottom of the cut... the only bad thing about asscher is sacrificing carat for size. the thing to look for is one with less carat and a larger face (dimension).
  6. One of my friends specializes in Asschers and I love seeing the pictures he sends me. They really are pretty.
  7. I wish I never looked at this thread lol! My life will never be complete until I have one :sad:
  8. So true. I have a 2ct. asscher that looks no bigger than my 1ct. Solitaire. :blink:
  9. I have to agree the branded cut as well!!! Gorgeous.
  10. I've got the Tiffany Legacy rings and the detail is amazing.
  11. I thought the Tiffany Legacy rings were set with modified cushions and not Asschers? The setting would really be spectacular with an Asscher center, though! :biggrin:
  12. I looked as Asscher diamonds when I got my diamond, but mlertpac is get a lot smaller "looking" stone for the carat weight. My gemologist actually recommended against it for that reason. If you can afford a 5 carat stone, I say go for the Asscher! I personally went with the RBC because it has the most brilliance. A princess cut or marquise has the biggest appearance per carat weight, but RBC is stunning.
  13. I love my Asscher. I didn't care about my ring looking like it was as big as it is; I just love it. I never get tired of it!
  14. You know what? If you buy a super quality diamond...great cut foremost and the other C's up there as really doesn't matter the size because it will sparkle like mad and look amazing. Perfect example...look at the tiny diamonds at Tiffanys...they are gorgeous! They are well cut with great color and clarity etc. It isn't the size that is really everything else first...unless you just want a big rock that is!
  15. I was in my friend's jewelery store today and he has an asscher eternity band for sale. It is amazing! My mom has a 3ct asscher I am hoping to inherit it:lol: