Assaulted, for fast food

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  1. Have you ever, been assaulted, over fast food ? I ask because last, night after 3 Astoria Car Bombs I, went for a chained fast food , establishment which, usual I don't frequent.

    There, 1 XL lady said, I cut for the line and, she began to make, an assault to my, face which, my only reaction was, to make a spin, as a move from, the Weejun scuffle then, I fled like a grease bun, into the shadow, of Ditmars .Blvd

    I never knew that , a passion could be rubbed so deep over, a French fry and, bacon burger, but perhaps others here, have an experience that, gives confirmation to, this assulting situation .
  2. ?
  3. Hmm, I'm craving a Big Mac right now.
  4. I crave some fries!

    Vaclav since you cut in the line in front of a hungry woman, of course she will get angry. Lesson learned, next time be nice!
  5. Yeah, me too. French fries and a Big Mac, yum!
  6. oh, how, i miss these, posts!

    don't get between me and a big mac - it would not be pretty!

    what's a Weejun scuffle?
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    Don't mess with big people and their food. You'll just get hurt. If you didn't cut, you were nice. I would have called the cops on her****
  8. The lesson, learned is do, not get in between, an XL woman and, her food...unless your, own buns are, greased.
  9. Lol....I never know what to think of these threads....
  10. I have never seen anyone get into a fight over cutting in line.
  11. Thank goodness no body supersized their food!!! Or the grease would be worse...
  12. Hey it's not just, the XL ladies! I've, seen thin people, go nuts over, greasy fast food too! Just, saying.
  13. Wait, wut? :hrmm:

    Did these used to occur frequently?

    Whoa. :shocked:

    I am at a loss.
  14. Just googled it: it can either mean a slang word for a Norwegian or a type of shoes. I'm thinking it might not mean a pair of shoes but what does a (Weejun) Norwegian scuffle look like?:confused1: On a second thought - it might mean a shoe scuffle??? still confused.

    At least no one was seriously injured over fast food.
  15. I got snapped at by a surly burly ape (Big J@ck@$$ kind of guy) who THOUGHT I had cut in front of him. It was for pizza at a mall.
    I let it go and didn't make a scene because I know he will do that again to someone else.
    Eventually, someone will do something to him to correct his rude attitude.

    Don't worry about Miss XL Vaclav. Some day the cholesterol in her veins will get her if someone else doesn't get her first.