Assaulted at subway station!

Jan 18, 2006
Glad you're okay. Nice family you have there by the way. Geesh. You should know whether or not you shoved someone, right? You're not crazy. Sounds like this woman and her friend wanted to pick a fight.

You did the right thing by getting out of there. Honestly, I would have sprayed her too. If she's crazy enough to come up to you and pick a fight, who knows what else she would have done. It sounds like you did just enough to get yourself out of the situation and get out of there. Your shoving her back may have just been YOUR natural reaction to the scenario. Not everyone would have done that but don't worry about it. Who knows, if you didn't shove her back and spray her - she may have taken it for weakness and they could have REALLY hurt you.

Me? I would have have sprayed her and attempted to put my foot all the way down her throat. That's not advice. Just what I know I would have done.

If that is your regular route at the subway station - be careful and be prepared in case you run into her again.


oh so fabuleuse
Wow! was this in NY? people are nuts sometimes. she could have just been starting a fight on purpose theres trash on the train like that ugh it pisses me off. it definitely wasn't your fault you did the right thing and you were defending yourself! definitely be careful if its your usual route morons like that tend to look for you. if it was in ny what train station was it?


Nov 1, 2005
OMG! I'm so glad you're okay...

I was just about to post something about my experience at the Metro last night that made me really mad. I had my Metrocard out, ready to go through the card lane, and got body checked by another woman out of the way. It was SO rude. My experience was bad, but not nearly as bad as yours.

I hope you feel better.


Feb 5, 2006
the forest dim
Wow!! That's scary! I would never reccomend shoving someone back, however, good for you that you stood up for yourself!! I hope the next time she considers shoving someone she'll remember being pepper sprayed in the face by you! she deserved it after shoving you repeatedly! I hope it hurt.:yes:


Jun 9, 2006
Toronto, Canada
I don't blame you one bit for what you did!!

If anyone ever put their hands on me and shoved me they'd be lucky if all I did was shove them back!! I just don't tolerate that at all.

If she had come up to you and said "hey you shoved me on the subway train and I don't appreciate it" then I'm sure she wouldn't have gotten pepper sprayed in the end....but her first action was to shove you so...she got what she deserved in my opinion!!

Way to go for pepper spraying her....maybe next time she'll think twice before physically attacking someone.


Jan 25, 2006
I live in New York and if someone shoves you on the subway you keep walking because everyone is pushed and shoved, there really is no way around it! It was completely not your fault because if you accidentally shoved her, then she did it on purpose and it was definitely uncalled for!!


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
You poor thing!

When I first read the title, I thought someone just touched your butt or something, but that was worse! And it wasn't your fault, despite what your family says!

Good for you, going to the police.


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Dec 2, 2005
good lord, I am so glad you are OK! I definitely think you were in the felt threatened and defended yourself with the pepper spray...!!! Isn't that what ppl buy it for?? :shrugs:

chanel princess

Aug 25, 2006
wow so glad your okay!! i think the lady is just psychotic!!
and don't worry about wut ur family says! maybe they're saying its ur fault b/c they're worried about u... ie. wut wud have happened if the psycho wuz more violent? they prolly just didn't want u to get hurt
Jun 30, 2006
Why didn't you pepper spray BOTH of their ugly asses?!
I am glad you defended yourself and I hope you get a refill on your pepperspray! ANd be careful and prepared of you see those pyschos again she might want to start another round with you. Maybe you could make a police report in case she tries this again?
Take care and I am glad you are a tough lady!!


Dec 13, 2005
If you feel threatened you have to defend yourself. People need to understand if they approach someone in a physical way anything goes. IMO you were not out of line. The woman and her friend should have backed off.


Chanel & LV
Jul 8, 2006
New Jersey
So glad to hear that you are okay. As a regular subway commuter, I think that you were definitely targeted as there were two women involved in this situation and it was during rush hour with tons of people present. If I got into it with everyone who pushed and shoved me on the subway (I'm 5'1" so people get the impression I don't need room to breathe or stand) I would never make it to work. I carry pepper spray too and while I have never had to use it, I wouldn't hesitate if I was being threatened. Be Safe!


Apr 24, 2006
how scary...i would have been completelt chicken $hit and not gotten into it

but thats my whole way of thinking...or i would have pulled out my phone and called the cops the moment the prob started...or go on the train to the conductors booth

but i guess where i take trains its much less populated and anonymous than the insanity in which you are.