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Assaulted at subway station!

May 23, 2006
I got off the subway during the morning rush hour and as I headed toward the stairs, I felt this huge shove from behind. I actually felt someone's hands on my back that told me it was done on purpose. I was nearly snapped in half! I turned around and this woman was giving me the ugliest glare and said you pushed me! I was like huh?? I don't push people on the subway but I may have rubbed shoulders with other commuters as we crammed onto the subway. I only recalled rubbing shoulders with several male commuters but not female commuters. I thought geez...she must have followed me and waited until I got to my stop and decided to push me as soon as I got off! I shoved her back and said you're crazy! As I walked up the stairs, she shoved me again!! She kept shoving me and wouldn't stop until I turned around and pepper sprayed her in the face. I was defending myself and she wouldn't stop assaulting me! When I got to the turnstile, her friend yanked my arm and kept yanking me and scratching me saying call the police until I had to shoved her away. I fell to the ground because I was stuck in between the turnstile and I should have reported that crazy lady to the booth person but the station was crowded and jammed. I ran to the work building and told the security about her. I made sure that I wasn't followed but I was really freaked out! I would never thought to pepper spray another person unless I'm threatened or harassed. I told my family about what happened and they said that it's all my fault! :wtf: I kept replaying the scenario over and over in my head and I kept thinking...so I should have just sit there and let that lady push me and push me until I'm bruised and it's all my fault?? Do you all think so too?


Oct 4, 2006
I don't think it was all your fault. If it's a busy subway, people have to understand that they are going to get pushed and shoved.


Emily :)
May 4, 2006
Oh my gosh! How horrible!!! I don't think it's your fault. If in any case she was accidentally pushed, she shouldn't have done that to you. Did you call the police to report it? It's good you had the pepper spray. Given that she had someone else with her who jumped in, it could've been worse. :wtf:


Oct 4, 2006
I think that she was just in a bad mood and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think that even if u just told her she was crazy and didn't push her, she still would've reacted the same way. She just wanted to pick a fight.


May 22, 2006
Were you carrying a really nice handbag that maybe she was jelous? LOL...I don't think it was your fault. Those women sound like crazy beeeeotches. I would of sprayed both of them down for laying hands on me. Geez. That sounds disturbing. Hope you're ok, and good luck to not bumping heads with those crazy women again!!


Jul 27, 2006
You shouldn't of pushed me first then. Just kidding. LOL That is why I take cabs. I have not been on a subway in over 10 years. I am surprised she didn't stop when you sprayed her.
Feb 2, 2006
Horrible!!! Were you also robbed? Muggers commonly use the push and shove method to distract someone until they can get at their wallet.

I cannot believe the awfulness of people out there. It makes me depressed to think about it. I'm so sorry....you didn't do anything wrong because you were defending yourself. The other sad thing is that with hundreds of people around you, no one tried to stop the altercation. I'm sure that most people just looked the other way and hurried off. Ugh. I hate people sometimes.


Oct 12, 2006
Muggers commonly use the push and shove method to distract someone
Which is exactly what I thought the story was going to be about as soon as I read the first sentence. Nor would I rule that out even at this point.

I think I will reserve comment on the question of retaliatory shoves, and instead use this space to recommend that just to be on the safe side, since you did engage in some interaction that might have made it possible for someone with a motive to remember what you look like and seek you out with an eye toward a "sequel," that you adopt Tura Satana's strategy and do your part to help a deserving taxi driver make this Shopping Season a very special one for her or his family!


Mar 18, 2006
The woman was obviously too aggressive but did you really intend to solve the situation peacefully by pushing her back? If you had ignored her or even muttered a fake little "sorry" she probably would have left you alone. I'm sure that she was originally at fault but you only served to agravate the encounter by retaliating with violence.


kry5tal...get it?!:]
Jan 3, 2006
Good thing you had the pepper spray! If someone kept pushing me, I would sock them in the face! (Jk?!) I don't think it's your fault, if you didn't spray her who knows what the whack job and her friend would have done?!


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
I don't know if it was your fault or not - but you definitely should not have shoved that lady back. Responding and reacting to those kinds of people just escalates the situation and gets the reaction out of you that they want.


Aug 21, 2006
I'm glad you are ok and nothing more came of this.. what disturbs me is the lack of compassion and support from your family by stating it was your fault.
I've never lived in a big city where I had to take public transportation I could see myself standing there eyes wide open :wtf:totally frozen and unable to move. I commend you for being so brave.:flowers: