"Ass Bag"

  1. Does this bag look a little funny to anybody or is it just me? Who wants to carry a bum!!!
  2. here is a better view...
    better view.jpg
  3. Hahahaha.. oh my god, it's like a skin colour too ! That's rather unfortunate.
  4. I didn't get it until I looked at it close up. Eeeeeeeeeew!! *lmao*
  5. :lol: heehee!
  6. Probably wouldn't have thought of it that way until you pointed it out...:lol:
  7. When I saw the bag, I instantly thought it looked like an ass. When I zoomed in, I was shocked to discover fur there.The fur inbetween the crack (no pun intended), ....is just nasty.
  8. It's kinda saggy.

    /me runs and hides. :lol:

  9. Hee,Hee!:lol:
  10. :nuts: Too funny.
  11. aaahhh...hahahaaa.
    omg, it does look like an 'ass'. =) Too funny!!!