Asprey scarf belt + H scarf?

  1. Does anyone have an Asprey scarf belt? (Or does H make anything similar?) It seems like a great way to wear H scarves, but I wonder how it actually looks with a 36x36" scarf.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yup, I have it in the storage somewhere, not used it in aaaages though. They are brilliant! :tup:
  3. i have two of them, there's another thread about them somewhere here. they do look great on, i usually use them if i wear a scarf as a belt over a dress.
  4. beau,
    been wearing this combo for quite some time
    its like a white tee....
  5. I have one, but found the 90cm scarves were too long. They made the whole "belt" bulky. So after one use it's been sitting in my drawer.

    I bought some twillys, intending to try it with those instead but haven't got around to trying it yet. They would also work well with the new 70x70s.
  6. the length is a bit of a problem, i always have to tuck the ends in underneath but it still sort of works. a 70x70 might be a good solution, maybe i should get one for the sake of experimenting :graucho:

  7. Hmm... maybe for once being un-skinny will help me! :p
  8. :lol: actually if i were a little bit skinnier i could double it up and it would make things easier..
  9. OOOOOOOH! That is a BRILLIANT idea.

    I'm off to try it. Won't work for jeans but it might for dresses. Thank you. :flowers::flowers:
  10. pretty
  11. did it work? i did go off and try it again, turns out i can do it, just about.. not too comfortably though :push:
  12. LOL, yes it does work. But barely.

    I tried it with a twilly too, which is more comfortable.
  13. I WANT one of these SO badly!!! They won't ship here (I asked ages ago)....GAH! I think they're FAB, and I wish Hermes would do their own version - perhaps in natural barenia........
  14. I've only seen the brown leather one... on a duty free cart on BA! Will attempt to wander into Asprey this weekend. :smile:
  15. Another thing I didn't know I needed :p Black alligator would be fine