Asprey Anyone?

  1. So I know nothing about the brand. I was watching "Notes on a Scandal" and saw something on the brand. Do a google and find they have beautiful handbags (and I thought it rather cool to see saddles too!). Take a peak. Yes, I guess they are prime and proper- but they do come in neat colors. Do I dare ask how much they cost?!
  2. OMG! I love their web site, and their logo! How classy - and the steamer collection makes me think 'Hermes' for some reason - I wouldn't ask. You know that old saying about 'if you have to ask...'

  3. I don't know how much they cost, but you should see the croc in the Bond St windows! Gorgeous!
  4. Website says starts at 600 pounds for a bag in calf leather.
  5. They make some gorgeous bags, the Steamer collection in particular is fantastic!
  6. So true, so true. Well, it can go on my "someday" list!
  7. What do you think of Asprey bags?

    I think their exotics are gorgeous!
  8. I have not saw any of them recently . as i remember reading about the company not doing so well and possible bankrupcty. I awlays did like there chinaware / flatware though.
  9. I love Asprey's goods - wonderful craftsmanship with sumptuous materials.
    Their handbag collection is exceptionally refined, as with their other accessory designs.
    I personally adore their crystal stemware - the colours and executions are absolutely wonderful!
  10. I love Asprey's exotic bags. Since the brand is not so recognized outside UK, it is nice to carry it out sometimes and have people passing by wonder what brand the gorgeous bag is. Def. more fun in that sense than Birkin~
  11. I paid about 1800USD for one of their multi-color canvas + leather top bags. Fits A4 paper perfectly. The shape is very similar to that of birkin and I find myself using it more often than my birkins and kellys. :tup: very practical yet sophiscated.
  12. WOW ~ I love the purple alligator in their Steamer Collection!!! :drool:
  13. I've occasionally seen Asprey bags on eBay, and found them quite prim, 'stuffy' and expensive. I don't reccall seing one in Notes on a Scandal, but if Judi Dench was wearing one, enough said! Judi Dench is a fantastic actress, but her character in the movie is far fom likeable. Somehow I can't picture Cate Blanchett's character in Asprey, but who knows?
  14. Not my style at all, but that's just me!
  15. Asprey is London-based and very British. I personally prefer Pickett for this sort of style (check them out) but I have bought notebooks from Asprey and the leather has been gorgeous as has the true colour. I don't think you'd be disappointed on the basis of quality if you love the style.