Aspirin and Mint Julep Masks

  1. I haven't tried the aspirin mask yet (I still haven't gone to the store to get the non-coated aspirins), but I have been using the QH Mint Julep mask. My question is, should I use both masks? I mean, is it safe to alternate between the two? And if so, how often?

    Also, if you use the aspirin mask, do you use it with or without the honey? I've seen directions given both ways. TIA!
  2. You can actually mix a couple aspirins in the MJM if you wanted to, but as for using the full masks on a seperate basis, once a week or so for each mask with a couple days rest in between should be enough.

    I mix my aspirin masks with honey and/or aloe gel otherwise the aspirin flakes off everywhere :smile:
  3. I use both, and I love it. I tried the aspirin with honey, but I have oily skin so I prefer the aspirin in just water. I think the honey would work for drier skin types. I use the aspirin mask first and then use the grains to exfoliate when I wash it off, then I use QHMJM right after. Make sure you use a moisturizer when you're done because the combination can dry out your skin.
  4. I just started using aspirin mask and it's great. So far I've used 4 aspirin, a few drops of water to melt them and a glob of aloe gel. I leave it on for about 15 minutes, then I slowly add some water to my face and exfoliate with it, rinse it off then do my normal skin routine. It's evened out my skin and basically killed a few acne I had. I'm planning on using it 3 times a week and using another mask / exfoliator I like on other days.

    I'm thinking about adding the honey to the aspirin mask, but I'm on the oily side, so I don't know how that will work, but I think I'll try it out.

    As for the MJM, I would try adding the aspirin to it and see how it works. If you don't want to add it, then I see no reason why you can't use both on different days.
  5. I have used both. I used to do the asprin a 2-3 time a week and the GH mask maybe 2x a month. I used honey in my Aspirin mask.
  6. Has anyone with oily skin used the aspirin mask with the honey? Was it too heavy for your oily skin?
  7. ^ Don't use honey if you have oily skin..just stick to water, plain yogurt, or aloe vera gel.
  8. Thanks so much. I think I'll stick with the aloe. It's cheap and I always have some.
  9. Thanks for the responses! I am going to get my butt to the store to get the aspirin this weekend. I have oily skin too, so I think I'll try just plain water. Thanks again!
  10. i just finished using the aspirin mask with some aloe vera gel. i have to admit at first i was skeptical, but ive been breaking non stop so i wanted to give it a try. the first thing i noticed that after i scrubbed it while washing it off my face wasn't left red like it usaually is with other exfoliators. and my skin feels more soft and pores seem tighter. i think i need to give this mask a few more tries before seeing any real results.
  11. I have oily skin and I used my aspirin mask with honey, not heavy at all. I might try the aloe vera gel next time. What is it? It just said aloe vera gel on the bottle?

    Is it just me or the QH tube is very very hard to squeeze out? or maybe I bought a tube that has expired its shelf life?
  12. ^ Nope, all the tubes are pretty hard to squeeze. ;)

    Yes, it should say aloe vera gel on the bottle. It's nothing's very cheap.
  13. I just got the MJM and I LOVE it! I mixed it with Aspirin once, but my Mom broke her elbow so Ive been sleeping over to her house and I forgot to take Aspirin with me, so Ive just been using the MJM(like...EVERY NIGHT:shame:smile:.

    Anyway, when I use the Aspirin mask by itself, I put a little honey in it. I have oily skin sometimes, and other times its dry, which really sucks because you never know what type of skin you are going to wake up with! lol. I usually use the Aspirin mask 2 times a week, but like I said, Ive been using the MJM every night since Ive gotten it. I need to let up on it, I will probably start using it 3 times a week with the Aspirin mixed in.
  14. Okay, I tried the aspirin mask... and I'm hooked! This stuff is great. I did it with just plain water and CVS brand uncoated aspirins. Wow, my skin felt so soft and plump afterwards. I had a small white head that I swear shrunk right after using the mask! Thanks for all of your great advice. I think I will do this two-three times a week with the MJM in between. Thanks again, the Beauty Bar rocks!!!
  15. I have very dry skin so I add the honey to my aspirin mask.