Aspinal of London???

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  1. I just stumbled onto this website and I am head over heels for these bags. Just gorgeous and classic. Can anyone comment about the quality? From the research I have done, it seems like very good quality and customer service, but since I would be paying for insurance and shipping to the US, I am curious about bag quality and customer service. On a side note, I did email them about a specific bag and they responded with a very personal email within 8 hours. I was impressed.
  2. I have the Brit clutch and it's very nice quality. The leather is thick and the stitching is very sturdy. My clutch has a chain and it's a very heavy gauge chain. It even came with a little mirror inside the clutch. I bought it last year in London. Amazing service at every boutique as well.

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I want to buy the Marylebone Tech in Black?? One of my friends lives in London and she told me that it is very popular there and since Pippa uses it, its getting even more popular. But I think the price is bit high - for around 1200 EUR I can also get a LV or something. How is the quality? Why I want to buy it, is that nobody has it, not like a bag from LV or Prada where you can see it everywhere.
  4. I bought a bag from them for my mum last year and we were both really impressed with the quality. The customer service we received was excellent too :tup:
  5. I love Aspinal! Planning to get the nazy lizard mini Hepburn. I haven't used customer service in terms of returns/repairs, but the treatment I've received in stores has always been good. The quality is very good; the nearest direct comparable is Smythson - also a UK heritage brand - but Smythson is quite a bit more expensive without, as far as I can see, a noticeable increase in quality.

    What bag do you want to get OP?
  6. Thank you! Well, I want the navy lizard Hepburn, the Marylebone Light in black, and the Mayfair in red lizard. BUT, I really want the Marylebone tote in monochrome saffiano and they just received more in. I actually happened upon this bag before I saw the pictures on Pippa and was in love with it. I love the classic design of these bags, but I am a bit hesitant to order sight unseen. If for some reason there is a problem, it would be a pain in the rear to send back.
  7. Thanks so much.

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    Omg I'm so excited to find this thread as I just bought my first Aspinal of London today :biggrin: I bought myself the Marylebone tote in monochrome. The service was amazing & the bag is just gorgeous. I haven't treated myself to a new bag for sometime & was looking at Mulberry but their prices have increased too much.

    The Marlebone tote seems very fashionable (spotted it on Made in Chelsea) & I bought it because I absolutely love the style, the quality also feels very high. The bag is beautifully lined. I'm impressed all round & am considering the personalisation service and having my initials added to the bag. Was a bit naughty & got a Poppy colour Berkeley journal too. Will attempt to post some pics in next few days.
  9. 023-1549_1472_A5.1-366x366.jpg


    The Marylebone bag & Berkley journal.
  10. Hi, I bought a Marlebone tote today & had never considered Aspinal of London before. So far I'm very impressed with the service & quality. Time will tell how they wear as I don't baby my bags.

  11. This line looks great, would love to see pics of you with your new finds.

  12. Congrats!!! I love mine! More than anything I have, including my Chanel. I am hoping they add a couple of new bags to the online sale.

  13. I live in the US. The shipping was quick and everything was beautifully wrapped. I am a huge fan now. The CS was amazing and quite honestly, I was just thrilled to have someone wish me a jolly good day! :smile:. Wonderful, classy company!
  14. I have been thinking to buy the Marylebone bag in black, but it is a bit expensive for me. So up to now I cannot decide whether to buy a LV or the marylebone!

    On the other hand nobody here in Vienna uses Marylebone, I think nobody knows the brand that is why I want to buy it. Because you can see everywhere LV (fake) or MK but not an Aspinal of London.