Aspenmartial- belt pic for you

  1. Aspenmatial

    Here are the belt pic I promised you. I just got the fedex package 10 min ago. The pic are not very good quality b/c it from my camera phone.

    This is the thin one that cost 415.00

    Hope this will help you out with your decision
    Picture0024#1.jpg Picture0059.jpg Picture0058.jpg Picture0057.jpg
  2. Thank you SOOOOOOO much! It's very sweet of you! Wow, it's great that you can have two colors with one belt!!!!!
  3. you are most welcome. It's a great investment I think.
  4. Not only that but you can order another leather strip to fit the buckle in two tone so if you want say blue/red you can order it and in a variety of leathers.
  5. i would like a bleu jean one. :love: