ASPCA anyone?

  1. Anyone familiar with this organization?

    I just saw the commercial on tv and went to pledge a monthy donation. The funds go towards rescuing dogs and cats that have been abuse or neglect. However, I'm just wondering what are some reliable organizations that I can make donations to.:wlae:
  2. I honestly don't know how they distribute their funds, but I feel pretty good sending them money, I send about $500 per year. FYI if you send them money, any amount, you will start getting t-shirts, umbrellas, and totes..LOL
  3. i actually adopted my dog from ASPCA. we donate to them every year. theres also tons of other organizations you can donate to like animal shelters etc. around christmas, my family and i donated to some organization that tries to heal and take care of dogs. it was horrible because there were flyers of how people would use strong hoses to wash the kennels, a dog's eye got ruined .... ASPCA all the way. i love my dog =)
  4. The ASPCA ( is a wonderful organization. They're nonprofit so they depend on donations so they can aid animals.

    They look for humane alternatives to animal testing, and they work with companies (such as Iams) improve their testing facilities to make sure no animals are harmed during testing.

    You ever see those Animal Cops type shows on Animal Planet (my favorite is Animal Precinct)? The ASPCA does that. They rehabilitate the animals seized from unfit homes and then find those animals loving homes.

    They rescued animals left behind during events like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and either reunite them with their owners or find them new homes.
  5. I am a member of ASPCA, and I donate money to them, also, same with HSUS and PETA. Also, I donate food, toys, litter, etc. to the local humane society here in my town. Many of these organizations rely on caring people like us to donate money so that they can help the animals. ASPCA is a great organization, and you are doing a very nice thing for the animals.
  6. We adopted Lucky, as well as Louis and Willie from an ASPCA supported (no kill) shelter.
  7. Two other well-known ones I can think of are Allied Cat Allies and American Humane Association. There are many, many organizations that are always in need of donations. If you have an animal shelter in your town, that is a great way of helping, as many animal shelters are usually low on supplies. :smile:
  8. I think they're quite reputable. I don't know how they actually allocate their money, but they do a lot to make us aware and educated as pet owners. I really believe in this group.