Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell!!

  1. I remembered hearing this a long time ago but forgot all about it. I ate a whole bunch of it earlier and was unpleasantly reminded of it!! For a second I thought I had some horrible yeast infection down there!:p
    Gross, but I had to share...
  2. Ummm...TMI...

    but true! :yucky:
  3. lol. nasty peee smell!!!

    no asparagus for me. :p
  4. Congratulations ... that means you have the asparagus urine gene. ;) Surprisingly, not everyone has it. Some of the people reading this are probably wondering what the heck you're talking about. ;)

  5. Are you kidding? Is that a real thing? I've never met anyone that DIDN'T get stinky urine from asparagus!
  6. I wish you didn't share!
  7. I knew these... but... I had NO idea some people don't have that gene??!?! You sure about that?!
  8. i like asparagus but do not like the unpleasant smell. :yucky:
  9. and if you had eaten beets, too, it would have been red, as well.
  10. lol i've been partial to grilled asparagus lately, and i have the gene! my boyfriend farts in front of me, so i sent him a text message yesterday about my stinky asparagus pee.
  11. Oy, that smell put me off asparagus entirely while I was pregnant. (Pregnancy for many women makes gives them a sense of smell like a bloodhound.) It took about 5 years after my son was born before I could eat asparagus again.
  12. the whole pee thing has made me avoid asparagus for years!
  13. my pee doesn't smell after i eat it (thank god cuz i love it)
  14. i never knew about it until my sister mentioned that she likes asparagus but won't eat too much because it makes her pee smell... i had no idea what she was talking about at the time (this was several years ago).

    i have eaten lots of asparagus, but my pee doesn't smell any different. so i guess i must not have this gene. i seriously thought my sister was weird, until i found out other people had this problem too. LOL
  15. My pee doesn't smell with asparagus but Peeeee-youuuuu, my PHH's does.