1. Hi there! I was browsing through the ASOS website and came across a betty in black.... (they also had a balenciaga) They are the real deal!
    So looked today and they now have a small section of labelled "designer bags" including a betty hobo and a couple of others.
    I gather this this is just the start and thought people might like to know :shame:
  2. yep, they have sold Chloe Paddys before, I hate it! I think it cheapens the brand slightly too when its sold through asos!!! ;)
  3. What is ASOS??
  4. Yeah, what is ASOS? I know they have chloe at bluefly. In fact, that is where I got my large black paddington zippy and the large "gazelle" (tan) colored one. But I have never heard of ASOS...will someone translate please:yes:
  5. I can't believe they are selling Chloe, it totally cheapens it, the clothes on that site are mostly cheap and tacky and I just can't believe they are allowed to sell Chloe's, rant over!

  6. Um, I think it's As Seen On Screen, isn't it?

    Also, didn't some people think the bags looked fake?
  7. scene - seen - its Saturday he he!!!! but yep, your seen is more like it!! but the links above anyhow ;)

    i dont want to make a scene lol

    oh the puns, they are just there to be seen today :biggrin:
  8. ^ LOL! :lol:
  9. yeah I defo wouldn't want to be ordering there for my designer bag!
  10. Not all asos clothing is tacky they sell good quality jeans such as True Religion and Sass and Bide which in the sale are complete bargains - its a good place to grab a deal!
  11. LOL:roflmfao:

    I honestly don't think ASOS would wreck their reputation by selling fakes, the price is right too - but i have to admit, ASOS selling paddies doesn't quite fit.:s

    It'd be like going to Asda and finding a paddy on the shelf next to the burgers!! (I don't have anything against Asda btw, i shop there often;))

    But on the other hand, ASOS do sell some nice stuff, though i've never ordered from them personally - and whenever i do try and order something, they never have my size.:rolleyes:
  12. ^ I've bought some nice stuff from there, in the past and I agree it's not all cheap, 'inspired' stuff.

    But members keep saying that the bags look fake, so I'm not sure... :s

    ASOS may well have, innocently, bought them on the off-price market, but what if they have been taken in by the counterfeiters, themselves? :shrugs:
  13. isnt it 'as seen on stars' ?
  14. It's definitely As Seen On Screen.... I do think they have made it slightly confusing for somebody who wouldn't know a chloe bag from ther elbow... the whole point of the website was to "copy" what stars wear and make it affordable for the Joe Bloggs. So take a paddy; they would show a pic of Nicole carrying one then show their version (fake leather with a sorry excuse of a padlock) and it would cost say £25. Then they started a brand section selling True Religions, Seven for all Mankind, Sass & Bide etc at the usual prices.
    The thing that surprised me is that they seemed to just "plonk" a betty and a balenciaga AND a Fendi Spy amongst a load of random bags costing next to nothing!!?
    By the way they are authentic.. curiosity got the better of me and I ordered the balenciaga- it was beautiful. :p