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  1. Has anyone here bought a Balenciaga from They have a stunning blue first
  2. i've bought several times from them, not balenciaga though. i heard they are legit...
  3. they've an ocean first? :nuts: btw, this should go under the Shopping sub-forum ;)

    eta: it's a turqoise, not ocean.
  4. not a Bbag, but i've bought from them. From what i know they are legit anyway
  5. Yep, I did! I bought a gorgeous blue india first, I even had a 20% off code as well! The bag was gorgeous and 10000% authentic. If you have any worries just email them, they are very obliging!
  6. I love the torquoise,but the brilliance of Bleu de France is hypnotic:wtf:!!This is sooo brilliance too..

    I hope this is the electric Blue:wlae:!Anna jane,your India first is an adorably baby!