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  1. has anyone ever ordered anything from asos? has anyone delt with any customs issues? have they charged you money going through customs? if so, how much? are the clothes good quality? also, the k size 6 is like a us size 0 right?

    sorry for all the questions!! thanks ladies! hope you all are having a wonderful day!
  2. Hiya
    I live in the UK and have ordered from them and they are really good,
    and they have some good offers some times , Check when they have their sale on because most of the things go really cheap. The only thing i noticed ( I just got a few things from there about a month ago and then i had some things last year too) when i got some things last year they came within a few days and really well packaged but when i got a few things recently there wasnt much packing and one thing was slightly damaged , But really it's good but i think they have lowered their standards abit but the clothes where still good!
  3. I'm in the UK and have ordered some things from them, the postage was quite quick and the items are good :smile:
  4. Thanks girls-
    Has anyone ordered from them who lives in the US who could answer some of the questions I have about shipping/customs and sizing?
  5. I'm not from the US but I would imagine that they mark the package at full value and it will be charged by customs.

    I'm bumping this for you anyways cos you are down the bottom!
  6. I've ordered from them ages ago and just placed an order last week. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the custom situation is like. The first time I ordered shipping took no more than a week from when my order was approved. This time it took a few days before they approved and shipped my order, but shipping was $40!!! I did order a jacket, so my order was about $200, but still that's a lot.
  7. UK 4 is a size 6 isnt it? Or maybe im wrong.
    ASOS are excellent for service and price.
  8. UK 4 is like a 0.

    I have had the worst experiences with them. Both times I ordered, an item was missing and they sent an incorrect item in its place that was not even close to what I ordered.

    I'm in Canada, and only one of the packages was shipped directly to me and I was not charged customs. Canada is way more strict than the U.S. in this respect, so I don't know if you'll be charged too. Maybe it depends on the value of the package?
  9. Hi lmiller and strikeapose...

    where you able to complete your order with asos? How was delivery lead time? what about customs duties? quality of items?
    if you can please share your experience(s)?.... I would like to place an order asap but those three issues are holding me back.

    thanks so much!
  10. i don't think the quality of the clothing is that great, obviously the branded stuffs better.
    i've had 2 orders from them go missing from them and i live within the uk!
  11. I agree that ASOS own brand of stuff is not great quality. For example, I recently ordered this black leather twist belt that looked a lot like this Elegantly Waisted one I could not afford. It came and it was ridiculous. No twist at all, just a glued seam in the middle of the belt! WTF? So I exchanged it, thinking it was defective. Nope! Just ugly and poorly made!

    Anyway, I ordered a pair of Sass&Bide jeans from them while living in the US and I wasn't charged customs. I think charges are pretty random, so you're always taking a chance.
  12. I love asos, it's like my entire wardrobe!
  13. I'm pretty sure UK 4 is US 0, UK 6 is US 2, UK 8 is US 4.. etc.

    I order from ASOS all the time, I'm pretty much obsessed with it, I'm from the UK though so I can't help you with customs sorry.

    Most of the clothes I've ordered have been good quality, but one vest top kept de-threading & got holes in it very easily.. but I've ordered so much from there over the years & haven't had a problem with anything else.