ASOS - Up To 75% Off / More Lines Added

  1. Bagachondriac, thanks for introducing this site to me. You're always posting deals on these sites I would have never found myself. The jackets are adorable!

    Stupid question, but how does their currency convert to $? I'm always confused by their currency sign.

  2. You're so welcome itzme! Alas, I must admit that I've never purchased anything from them so I can't help you with the conversion question. I believe there are quite a few members who have purchased from ASOS, so perhaps they will chime in. In the meantime, here a link which will convert GBP to USD...
  3. Thank you for posting, their items seem so kool!!!
  4. You can go to a drop down box at the top of the website & change the dollar amount display from pounds to US dollars and a few other currency choices.
  5. ASOS are fabulous - I'm in the UK but have always found that the bits they have a bang on trend and great value, if you ever need to return stuff they are always really helpful. I'd recommend:tup:
  6. Question -- I am confused. An American size 8 shoes is an ASOS size ???
  7. it wil be an ASOS size 6. :smile:
  8. I am so confused. If you click on the size chart, it says a British 7.5 is a US 8.That doesn't seem right, though!

    Edit: Never mind! You are right. I think I was looking at the men's chart!
  9. do they ship to the us??
  10. Yep,they do.
  11. Hi ladies,

    Sorry to barge in... I was wondering if any of you in the states have ordered from asos? How was your buying experience? The quality/conditions of your order? And lastly, how much customs duty did oyu have to pay to get your order?

    Sorry so many questions... they have the purse I've been looking for and I reallllly want to place the order already but I am concerned about the duty and hassle of returning faulty items.

    Thank you in advance!
  12. In response to the dollar conversion question:

    Go up to the upper right hand corner where it says "UK Pounds- GPB" and switch the drop down menu to american dollars.
  13. I'm in the US and I have ordered from several times (including a purchase yesterday) and have had a pretty good experience with them every time. It takes maybe 2-3 days after an order for them to confirm and ship, my order usually arrives within a week's time.
    The only issue that I have encountered is returning one item (a jacket), it cost about $40 for me to send it back to them! :push: But the process was easy and the refunded my money promptly once they received it.
  14. they got really cute stuff but how's the quality?