Asos selling Paddington for £795

  1. What do you think of this: (I do not belive this is the real deal :confused1:)

    Victoria Beckham | Chloe Paddington Bag at ASOS

    Asos is selling what's supposecd to be a real Chloe Paddington for £795. Why the heck would Chloe want their bags to be sold on Asos?

    A girl I know from another forum told me she ordered what was supposed to be a real CC Skye bracele from Asos, but all she got was a cheap copy worth £6 (she payed a lot more) in a CC Skye box :wtf: (She got this one: Woven Chain Wristband at ASOS )

    The picture of the bracelet was of a real one when she ordered it. Is the picture of the Chloe Paddington real?

    Until I heared about this I thought Asos was a serious webpage, they did have a lot og inspired bags and dresses, but they never wrote that it was something else than is was.

    I wrote an email to Asos and asked if it was authentic, if they got the bags direct from Chloe and if the pictures was the same bag as the one you'd get if you order one. If anyone's interested I will post the answer when and if I get one.

    This is what Asos writes about the bag:
    * Leather Paddington shoulder bag by legendary Parisian design house Chloe
    * Brushed gold-finish hardware and large padlock with key
    * Buckle detail at either end of bag and zip fastening
    * Comes in a soft Chloe dust bag
    * The stunning Chloe Paddington bag is the ultimate in luxury and an essential accessory for every A-lister. Treat yourself to this gorgeous bag for the ultimate in timeless, luxurious style
    * As seen on Victoria Beckham

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    I am also posting this at TFS.
  2. Btw, I posted this here because I wanted to discuss what other people think of this, not just to have it authenticated. Hope it's okey!
  3. Just too late to edit the last post, just wanted to say that the pictures are the ones Asos had in the product page, I see the bag is out of stock now, and the whiskey-picture's gone...
  4. gosh, I dont know about anyone else, but that seriously cheapens our bags in my opinion!! I detest ASOS, its a horrid, cheap little website!! :biggrin:

    what next, being sold at Asda next to the frozen veg! ;)
  5. Hmmm that brown one looks weird, especially if it's supposed to be whiskey...? Hardware seems too bright golden tone too...? I dunno know, it's first time I'm hearing & seeing they sold paddingtons :wtf:

    And I'm agreeing with Chloe-babe; they cheapen paddington on ASOS :sad:
  6. This is what they replied:

    "I can confirm that the Chloe Paddington Bag as seen on Victoria Beckham, is a genuine Chloe bag. If the item was not the exact bag it would state that it was in the style of Chloe."

    I'm not sure what to belive (but they wouldn't lie about such a thing, would they?). Why would Chloe authorize this? This makes it unexlucive. Well, at least their customer service is fast at replying, however, they did not answer all my questions.
  7. Hmmm, Asos should just stick to selling the replica and "in style of" items. That is the whole point of their website, it's supposed to be affordable fashion for everyone, so they can buy into the celebrity/designer lifestyle. Selling expensive authentic merchandise seems very not too impressed with Chloe if they agreed to this!
  8. that's really really odd :confused1:

    but then again they recently started selling designer jeans so maybe they're trying to move upwards. but still it's very very strange, i'm not sure whether to believe it or not! they would have a lot to lose if they got caught selling fakes so i don't think they'd want to be doing that either..
  9. Really strange for asos. That would be their most expensive item ever!
    Now i remember a couple of years ago i bought a Chloe pair of sunglasses from them, they seemed genuine so it's not the first time they sell a Chloe item...
  10. I doubt these are authentic. I bet they come from the same place Bluefly gets their fake Chloes from. But I'm really curious. They have a 14 day return policy so I'm thinking about getting one just to see if it's authentic. You can also get 10% of your next order if you get their complimentary magazine I think...
  11. Bluefly sold fake Chloe bag as well? :yucky: I only heard about they selling fake Balenciagas. But it would be really interesting if you actually ordered the bag from Asos for yourself to judge (and take pictures for us :P) and then sent it back!
  12. Yeah, Azure I bought a fake Chloe from Bluefly and I have read about other people that have received fake Chloes from Bluefly, including someone here. I will let you know and post pics if I do get a Paddy from ASOS. I'm really curious...

  13. To be fair, ASOS have always sold some of the actual articles, as well as replica and 'in the style of' items. I have bought a couple of Penhaligon's items, which were undoubtedly genuine, IMO and a White Trash Charms Butterfly Necklace from there, several years ago and if it wasn't genuine, it was certainly extremely good quality. :shrugs:

    I wonder whether the bracelet Azure's friend got was a switched one. You know - someone ordered the actual CC Skye Bracelet and a copy at the same time and then returned the copy in the CC Skye box?

    I think switching is always a danger, unless there is a good tagging system in place.

    However, this Paddy definitely has some differences from the one on NAP, so I have my doubts... :yes:
  14. I personally don't think they'd risk their reputation in the fashion world by selling fakes.
    If it was 'designer inspired', there's no way they would sell the bag for that price. There would be uproar.:wtf:
    And after the fiasco with Bluefly and the fake Chloe's....well, they'd just have to be really daft!!

    I know they've added a few new designers lately, so maybe they really are going up in the world....??:angel:
  15. Do you girls think they are real or fake? I would find it strange if they sold fake chloe w/ how popular the site has become b/c they would just lose alot of customers.. I've bought gucci sunglasses from them before and I'm pretty sure they were real, I've also bought other brands and they were authentic.