ASOS Rose clutch Knockoff

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  1. WAHHH?!!??

    Couldn't ASOS get busted for putting an RM bag photo next to a bag that they are claiming is (nearly) the same?
  2. Has anyone noticed how similar the Rose clutch looks to the Kooba Lexie clutch? It has a bit of a different shape but all in all the same idea. I think Kooba came out with theirs first.

    Sorry.. a bit OT I know..
  3. I noticed that also little ^^. They are very similar. On the note of the ASOS thing, ugh!! Yuck-O:throwup:
  4. Ohh...Me like the Kooba clutch, it's very cute! I am not so much a fan of the Rose anyhow, but that knock-off is horrible!
  5. It's totally despicable that they show her with her RM rose next to their product!

    You're right!
    But, in my opinion, the rose is hardly RM's most original design.
  6. So not cool :sad:
  7. asos clutch incorporates the Stud in the Rose design. But still... how could they?
  8. Did yall see this picture? If you click on more pics, it has a pictures of Agyness carrying the Rose... NOT COOL

  9. As far as I can tell, it's a cheap knock off. ASOS is very popular site in UK for their wide arrays of fashionable pieces with hard to beat prices. Many styles are vaguely familiar to those of hot labels. But poor quality if you ask me.