Asos online with Balenciaga and Fendi Bags??

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  1. Good question. :yes:
  2. Any more thoughts?? Could the bags actually be real??
  3. very weird.

    why can have a picture of the balenciaga on their website when no one else (lvr, aloharag...) can? :rolleyes:
  4. the funny thing is that when you click on the fendi bag, then the image of (mischa barton i think) carrying the bag, it's not the fendi bag, it's a paddington? are they stupid?
  5. ^ apparently yes!

    the balenciaga is gone now - maybe they had one of them.
  6. I just clicked on it and can see it.
  7. Those are definitely fake bags. If you read the subtitles of a lot of their handbags, it says, blah, blah, blah, "in the style of," i.e., inspired.
  8. ^ Yes, but they also sell genuine branded products, too and these particular descriptions don't say that these bags are 'in the style of' and the prices are way too high for 'inspired' bags.....hence the confusion.

    They had some Paddys on there a few months ago (also not described as 'in the style of') and a similar question was raised about them on tPF. :yes:

    ETA: Also, the Fendi bag has the Fendi logo - so it's either genuine, or a fake.

    A replica (or 'inspired') bag would not have a logo.
  9. Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake
  10. fakes
  11. They're askin' an awful lot for that "Fendi" bag - $1,938.00
  12. ^ :yes: