Asos!! Help!!

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  1. Hey gurls

    A friend of mine just got this Birkin from ebay !:Push:

    which i think it might be a knock off !!:confused1:

    Tell me what you think !!​
    IMG00006.jpg IMG00008.jpg IMG00011.jpg
  2. Better to post on the authenticate this thread. We will likely need better pictures of the inside of the bag as well as the outside. These pics are difficult to see. Also better to not hold the bag, let it stand on it's own as holding it creates different angles, so hard to see the bag well.
  3. Fake, IMO.
  4. Please post in "Authenticate This" thread!

    Also, we will need clear pictures of all sides of the bag including various interior shots.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.