Asos has stock

  1. For those interested has some bbags up for grabs; twiggy, first, weekender, part-time, brief & giant brief (I think it's the brief at least).

    Read in one of the threads that asos sells genuine bags so go check 'em out!
  2. oh they do have them....i just cant tell the prices tho hehehe......thanks for sharing!
  3. The First they have on the site...could that be 05 Turq??
    It sure does look like one....
  4. Whatever year it is, it's 1495.00 US!!!
    The Black First is the same price- Wow, you can almost get two here for the price of one there. Is it because our dollar is going down?
  5. I'm pretty sure it's Aquamarine, but yeah, the conversion kills!
  6. no, i think it's an aquamarine...
    1495?! ouch:nuts:
  7. That's UK prices for you! Us UK PF'ers are so envious of the US prices and choices of colours....pretty much blacks, browns and whites here!
  8. Asos have been offering these same bags for ages and ages.

    They never seem to get any new stock or to have a sale.

    Yawn - I am bored by ASOS.
  9. Anyone know what color this is?

  10. I am dieing for aquamarine, but I don't see any on ASOS. Is it gone now? thanks!:heart:
  11. i'm not really sure about ordering balenciaga from asos. i e-mailed balenciaga asking if they're an authorised retailer and they said they weren't..