Asos duty/taxes when shipping to Canada?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping to place a big order from Asos, but I'm worried about getting charged duty when the shipping is already SO expensive. I know packages from the US almost always get hit with extra taxes/duty-have you guys had the same issue with packages from the UK?
  2. tip - split your order into increments of under 50gbp. shipping for 50gbp is 3.95gbp. anything above is 21.xxgbp.

    it's been hit or miss for me. a package with a value larger than 60gbp will likely get taxed. i've had smaller value packages sent through though.
  3. I often order from ASOS and have never been charged anything - it's always just stuffed into my mail box - but it does take like 2 - 3 weeks to get to Vancouver
  4. i've ordered from asos a few times too. never got dinged with any duties! :smile:

    what are you planning on buying? :biggrin:
  5. REALLY? Interesting.....I think I'll do that then. I had an order of about 120gbp and the shipping was 24gbp! Thanks for the tip! That'll save me a lot.

    I wonder why the price gets jacked up so much?
  6. ^Yup - seperate orders is might get things like a week apart..but you save money :smile:

    I think it has to do with the fact that UK post is based primarily on the weight of a package
  7. ^Makes sense.

    One more (unrelated) question-I know on another post you said we always wear the smallest size from Asos-I'm between a UK8 and 10-do you find their stuff fits a bit smaller or larger than usual?
  8. I find it fits pretty TTS - but I've bought things from different designers from the ASOS site (so it's not all "ASOS" clothing). A 6 is usually perfect or sometimes a bit big :smile:

    What are you going to buy?
  9. I agree - it's pretty much TTS. I'm in between a UK 4 and 6 and 6 tends to fit me fine, a TINY bit on the big side.
  10. ^I've never even seen anything in a UK 4 on ASOS - I always thought 6 was the smallest...maybe that's why it's a bit big