asos coupon?

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  1. Anyone know if Asos will be releasing any more coupons soon (or if there are any that work now)? My dad is going back to the UK in February and I'm thinking of getting some stuff shipped to my family there for my dad to bring back for me.
  2. just used an ASOS 20% off coupon i found on retailmenot:


    i think it expires March 9th
  3. Has anyone tried the coupon? Does it work?
  4. It works, but not on sales items.
  5. Oh okay. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for letting me know! I found that coupon on a search I'd done and was finally able to order the houndstooth cardigan I've been lusting after :smile:
  7. friendly bump..wondering if there are any new codes? thanks so much!!!!!!
  8. Bumping again. Any new codes or codes that will be coming up?
  9. Bump...
  10. ah i want to buy a couple pair of shoess from there. but i def need a coupon to somewhat justify the cost!
  11. Most of the time, the coupons I find are for UK deliveries only.