ASOS Coupon Code

  1. BUMP!

    boo.. was about to purchase a cute trench coat but "asosinstyle" has expired. any new ones?
  2. Yes \o/ - 10% on all items: SWSLATEDEL9
    It works on all items, including clearance (I tested!). Valid until 22nd mars.
  3. worked then after awhile it persist to say it have been used even if i changed my account!!!!!!!!
  4. Can't wait to use the code! Thanks!
  5. happened to me as well :sad:
    any other code that would prob valid until mid march? :yahoo:
  6. plenty of coupon appear everyday and expire........
    just wait and hunt:nuts:
  7. 20% off entire purchase exluding sales items, code is "ASOSFASHION"
  8. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  9. ^^ Thank you for sharing! Any idea when it expires? :smile:
  10. Hi, I used this code yesterday and it wasn't working? O.o
  11. Sorry I didn't specify the expiration date...but it expires the same night that i posted those that used it only worked for that night.
  12. read in their asos live page.............and you will see their bad service.........

    think twice before order from them!
  13. ^ what do you mean? - sorry - I am lost..
  14. I've ordered four times now from ASOS (as recently as two weeks ago) and I've never had an issue. Fast shipping (I always get the upgrade express, since it's only $6 more), clothes arrive looking as well as they can from traveling overseas, and everything has gone smoothly.

    But like with most retailers, I'm sure it can be a crapshoot. :oh:
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    I've ordered from them twice within the past 2 wks (belt and bag), and I've been happy with the process.

    Prices include VAT. To get that back, you have to ask (or beg and plead and threaten by the looks of it on the forum)