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  1. Thanks, I was actually looking all over for their size chart. There are discreptancies, so I don't even know if the shoe converter from Asos is acurate.
  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I love their Minna dresses ^^
  3. hows the quality?
  4. I try to stay away from a lot of the ASOS brand stuff... some of it's pretty good quality, but overall, my experience hasn't been too satisfactory. The stitching and design quality is fine, it's been more material problems for me. It's not what it appears to be like in the photos.
    Then again, a lot of it is really cheap right now, so if I were you, I'd just go ahead and purchase something you like and see for yourself.
  5. I bought a couple tops I hope they aren't cheap quality :|
  6. thanks! good thing i didn't order anything or else i would of been stuck with stuff i couldn't fit into lol.
  7. The items that were the least like the photos were the ones that used fabric other than cotton. I think it might've also partly been because they don't always take the best of care when packaging. For instance - when I received the skirt I ordered, it was thoroughly wrinkled, and it looked terrible esp. because it was a chiffon/crinoline kind of material. I definitely didn't want to keep it when I realized it would take a lot more effort than I wanted to wash and fix it up.
  8. i just received three dresses, i ordered on the 29th June so it took a little while to get to me. For sizing i'm usually a 0-2 american, 7-8 australian and i ordered 8 uk, i found it to be similar to a 0 us, and if the material is more fitted then order a 10. (i'm exchanging one dress like that..) hope this helps someone!
    also the material is pretty good on my pieces for asos brand, with cheaper clothing I always stay far away from fake chiffon... it always looks bad... and the sewing is pretty good, only thing is some dresses could have done with lining...but its easily fixed with a thin slip....i say order away!
    hope this helps someone!
  9. so what is the US equiv of their size 4 and 6? I'm confused on what to order b/c i'm a 0 here but i think i might be an 8 there?
  10. yes. im pretty much a zero so i would suggest you start with the 8.
  11. For their dresses you order an 8? That sounds really wrong, haha. But, I guess if it fits, then it's the right size. For their pants I get a UK8 and I wear a 6.
  12. well suposedly a uk4 is a 0 but i found that the size 8 is more accurate for the items i have purchased from asos... i wish there was an international standard it would make everthing so much easier...
  13. oh and ive only got dresses... so maybe their sizing is different for pants?
  14. i got my order today, shipping took 3 days. Wonderful customer service.. and the quality is not bad at all :smile:
  15. ^Glad that you love it.. because I do. Lol. :smile: