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  1. Alot of tops are less than $10!

    Ordered 4 tops for $35 shipped :smile: and a pair of leather shoes for $13 shipped...

    Just thought I will share a little way to save on your shipping..

    If I added my shoes onto my tops, the shipping would be $32..

    I seperated them into two orders.. the 4 tops cost $10 to ship and the shoes cost me $6 plus to ship.. I saved $16 by seperating the order into two :smile:
  2. Thanks for posting! How's their sizing? I found several cute things I like and I reaaaally shouldn't buy more things but I can't resist :sweatdrop:
  3. wow, stuff is selling out fast! thanks!
  4. Their sizing seems fine on me.... I just use my size for topshop, dorothy perkins...
  5. do you know how much the custom fee is?
  6. There is no customs fee, only international shipping. :] At least when I've ordered.
  7. great news, thanks carousel eyes! Just placed my first order...
  8. Does anyone know how UK sizes convert to US sizes for shoes?
  9. Thanks!

    Edit: These conversions have quite a discreptancy with the other ones that I have found. Can someone tell me what a US 7 is in UK size? One site is telling me UK 6 and this one is telling me UK 4.5!
  10. im so confused with the sizes does anyone if size 6 is equivalent to a US s/m?
  11. ^ According to the chart, size UK 6 is equivalent to a USA size XS.....
  12. Do you mean shoe size US 7? I find US 7 = UK 4 with Topshop & Asos.
  13. I'm a US size 10 and its a UK8.. The ASOS shoes chart has a converter..
  14. Yes, I did mean shoe size US7. Do you think Topshop and Asos sizings run about the same? There is a Topshop here in NY, so I guess I can try to go and find out what I size is. Thanks for letting me know! This size conversion is hard enough, and then you have the designer sizing discreptancies. It makes it impossible for me to buy from asos without knowing my size.