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  1. Anyone know of any new code for ASOS.COM - got my eye on a fab Lipsy dress:girlsigh:
  2. i just bought from them and everything was too small. they have super cute stuff but the sizes were not accurate. to ship to miami from uk was $50 USD. TO SHIP BACK WAS $100!!!!! so i spent 150 in shipping! it was horrible. :sad:
  3. hmmm,Sorry to hear that -
    Well I haven't ordered from them yet but I never go according to size charts - they are usually wrong in the US sizing . I would already know my size in most of the brands they stock so I hope I won't have any probs!:wondering
  4. :okay: thats good. best of luck!
  5. Did you use fedex or usps? The last time I ordered a $60 leather jacket from asos I realized that I didn't like the color and wanted to send it back but fedex wanted to charge me $150! That's more than the sale price of the jacket! And they wanted me to go to another locatation to get some paperwork signed by an official for some strange reason. I was about to give up and just keep the jacket but ended up sending the jacket thru usps for only $15! Now that's an amazing deal! LOL!
  6. i shipped some jeans back via usps and it was about 16 bucks, too :]
  7. WOW... that is compared to the other option:tup: