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  1. HI everyone,

    I am a new forum member and I have a question re: I found one of the topmost purse on my wishlist there and I'd really like to place the order already but I am worried about the VAT/customs duties (whatever you call it) that I may have to pay to have the purse shipped to me here in California.

    So, I would like to find out if there are any here in the US who ordered from before. Could you please tell me how much more should I expect to pay on top of shipping to get the purse here? Also, do you have any comments re: quality or authenticity? i'm planning on ordering a prada / miu miu purse.

    TIA everyone.

    my warmest regards,
  2. I wouldn't order from Asos since you'll probably be paying double for the purse. Is it available in the U.S.?

    RE: Duties - I am in Canada and have ordered from them twice with no customs at all... I'm not sure for the U.S. though
  3. I'm not sure what the customs will be, but VAT is supposed to be automatically refunded for non-European shipments, as it only applies to purchases made within Europe.
  4. Here is what the shipping information to US and Canada states...


    Standard Delivery only - approx. 4-8 working days*.
    Cost subject to weight**
    *Please note that delays can occur in customs, and these delays are beyond our control.
    ** The cost of shipping is calculated automatically on the billing page once the delivery destination is confirmed. Please note most orders require a signature on receipt.
    Important: Any customs or import duties are levied once the package reaches its destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local customs office for further information.

    You may want to check thru the "authenticate this" section of TPF to see if there is any feedback on this site.
  5. Hi Ladies... thank you for your replies...

    I searched high and low and happens to be the only one that has the purse I really really want. The price they're selling it for is a couple of hundred off the regular price for the purse (it's an older style)... I did the check-out (up to before you had to confirm) and it says shipping is around $56. - but yeah, the customs duties they mentioned on the web concerns me...

    Exquisite... if no customs to canada... maybe the same for us folks down here? (wishful thinking)... BTW, do you mind if i asked you how satisfied you were with your purchase/items from asos?

    Thanks again.
  6. It really depends on the value of the bag, to determine whether or not you'll be hit by customs

    I'm not sure what your limit in the US is before customs duty kicks in...

    maybe someone else can chime in.

    In Australia, our limit is AUD$1000, and i have bought many times from ASOS, but have not been charged customs at all as my purchases from them never exceeds AUD$1000.


    EDIT: However, if this bag is on the top of your wishlist and you can't get it anywhere else, even though you might be hit with customs, i'll still get it, otherwise, you might regret it if you can't find it any longer.
  7. I actually think they're horrible. They gave me incorrect items both times I ordered and one item I ordered was missing each time. BUT my orders were kind of big (about 6 items each) so I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. They also were good about refunding me for the missing items. I had to bother them for the second one, since they wanted me to send back the incorrect shirt at my cost (umm $20 shipping to Europe for something that's not my fault? i don't think so) but I ended up getting it.

    I think it's hit or miss. If they screw up, you'll get a refund so why not?
  8. the Deals & Steals Forum is for psoting great sales or buys only please.
    Advice about a website could go in Handbags & Purses or General Discussion, advice about authenticity HAS to be posted in the Authetnicate This! stickies in each designer forum or the Authenticate This! Forum itself.
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