Asking sellers/buyers to leave feedback

  1. I use my dads account alot selling and buying, I have lots of people not leaving feedback, so whats the best thing to do about them ??. I have asked a couple of them in the past and its gone well. Does anyone else do this ??.
  2. There have been times as a buyer where I've left FB for a seller and waited... and waited...

    In those circumstances, I've been known to send a polite "Hey, I received X item about X days/weeks ago and have been enjoying it. Thanks for the nice transaction. I've already left positive feedback for you and hope that you can do the same.

  3. The above is a great example. It allows the person to know you are waiting for fb. If they fail to leave any at all, move on. All you can do is ask in a kind and friendly manner.:idea:
  4. I've written a similiar note to a new seller and she apologized then left a pos for me. I realize that fb is completely voluntary and I also realize how important it is when you're trying to build a good reputation. I once made a purchase from a seller who never left pos fb. She received pos from buyers but only left negs. Normally I would have stayed far away from her auctions b/c of this but The item was literally a steal. Judging from her history, it was unlikely that she was going to leave pos for me and she didn't. Even though I paid immediately and didn't bother her after the sale. So I knew this going in but I didn't leave fb for her either.
  5. That is really bizarre. I know it's voluntary, but after all, this is how we gain respect through out the community. Since we aren't face to face, we each rely on fb, so it can help others determine if they want to shop with us or not.
  6. I always included a written note inside the package when I sent it and asked the buyer to leave me a feedback if everything is okay. And I told them I will return the same as soon as receiving one from them. So far 90% of my sale received feedbacks.
  7. Me as a seller: I always send out my items with a signature confirmation. After I confirm the item has been received I usually send a message to the buyer with a note that goes: I see you received your gorgeous item yesterday blah, blah, ...I hope you like it! blah, blah....-----> I always get a feedback on the same day after the message was sent.

    Me as a buyer: I post feeback immediately after I receive my item

    Good Luck!
  8. I recently sold a gucci bag the buyer wrote me when they received it and told me how much they liked it, I thanked them and ask that they please leave feedback and I would do the same for them and I haven't had any feedback yet this is the 2nd time this has happened to me.
  9. Some buyers just don't like to leave feedbacks. I just accept the fact as it is. Once I received a feedback two months after it was sold, but that was a rare case. Usually I received feedbacks within a couple days after items were received; otherwise I just never heard from the buyers again. So I just let it go and move on.
  10. There are sellers I have not left feedback for. As, because of the retalitory thing. Items that were missed in their description etc and not worth it sometimes to raise a stink as you know it's just gonna be this long drawn out drama. So, I just don't leave it. Now, as a seller, I also never ever ask for feedback, this is a voluntary thing and if they want to leave it great, but if not oh well. There have been a few times where the seller clearly deserved negative feedback, but you can't do it for fear of their leaving the same retalitory feedback when you did nothing wrong other than pay on time and then got an item so far from the description etc.
  11. I love feedback!

    I have about 20 people who have not yet left me FB yet...most of them I have already kindly messaged but they haven't stopped by to leave any yet.

    Or, sometimes I'll just take the risk and leave them a FB first, perhaps that will remind them to do the same for me.
  12. ^^^nevermind, make that 33 feedbacks i am currently waiting for!
  13. I am only a Buyer on E-Bay but I keep reminding the Sellers to leave me feedback even if I have too everyday until they do.