Asking seller question help needed!!!

  1. I was asked a question, request for specific pic, on a listing I have. I responded to the question saying I'd take it right away. I did, then tried to reply with the pic, but eBay says "already responded" and won't let me contact the potential buyer. YIKES! I added the pic to my listing, but since they didn't check the box to not hide their email, I seem to have no way of responding like I said I would. What to do? Please help, I am stressing that this person is waiting for the pic and doesn't know that I can't reply to them. Thanks a lot!
  2. you could go to the members feedback and contact them through that to tell them you added the pic to the listing
  3. you can only send one message reply per question unless you get your message bar lifted , have you checked the message on your emails to see whether they left their email address on there , not your eBay messages , your emails . Sometimes people do leave them visable .
  4. the person is prob watching the auction anyway so will hopefully see that you added the pic