Asking OS Muse Owners

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm thinking of buying an oversize Muse, but because I telecommute a lot, it would need to fit my laptop, its a standard size 15 inch.

    Do you ladies think the OS Muse would fit my laptop and would the straps hold up to the added weight over time? Also since the laptop would be a little heavy do you think it would make the bag droop while I carried it?

    I noticed a lot of you can carry it on your shoulder and that is a plus, please let me know your thoughts.

  2. Yes, an Oversize Muse would absolutely hold a laptop. Probably two laptops. Probably two Olsen twins, lol.

    But I've said this before and I'll say it again: I just don't think that most high-end designer bags were intended to serve as laptop bags. Its too much stress and weight. The leather would droop and the straps would sag on the Muse for sure, because the buffalo leather is relatively lightweight. (A patent Muse or Downtown might fare a bit better, because the leather is coated and stiffer.)

    Just my opinion, of course. I'm sure its been done.
  3. I agree--I'd be concerned about causing too much stress to the bag, unless you had a very lightweight laptop.
  4. I have to say that while it will hold a laptop, keep in mind it is NOT a bag meant to haul your computer around. I can see doing it every now again but I wouldn't buy it with the intent to do it reguarly. Aside from being heavy and causing stress to the leather, it also doesn't have the protection of a bag meant for a laptop.
  5. The bag is not meant as a laptop bag. Today I am carrying my purple OS Muse and my laptop bag. I hate seeing folks using high-end bags for things they are not intended for (laptops, diaper bag, dogs). OK, maybe a diaper bag if it looks like a diaper bag. That's just tacky IMO.
  6. I would never put a laptop into anything except a bag specifically designed for that purpose....!!!!!!!