ASKING:How you survive a bad haircut/color!

  1. What do you ladies do??? If you got back from the salon and had a haircut/ color that you just not totally loving it, but your hair already gotten shorter so you don't really want to cut it again:sad: What do you do? Do you leave it just the way it is? Or go fix it again? :oh:
  2. Leave it for a day or so and see if it grows on you or ask friends for their brutally honest opinions. If you want to fix it, go back to the same salon and insist that they do it at no charge since they cut it wrong to begin with!
  3. I agree, this happened to my daughter. She went right back and they fixed it. The length of her hair remained about the same but it certainly looked better!
  4. OMG. This reminds me of the time I tried to give myself bangs. . . . .


    Lets just saw A LOT. . .and I mean A LOT. . .of bobbypins and hair clips were involved in the aftermath :[
  5. I usually let it sit in for a week or so- especially color. Color seems to fade some with time. But I had a really nasty highlight job once and I went right back and had them change it. I looked like a skunk!
  6. :Push: that happened to my fd while back too she pin it all up!
  7. Make the best of it! I've lived through it -- and am usually OK with it, since I know that it really will grow out soon.
  8. Yeah........I guess I will have to take a week to see .................
  9. Well,
    first I cry...... alot, and then after finding someone who could fix my color which was a 14hour process, decided to never do that again!!
  10. I'd go right back and make them fix it or just try to put it up and not wear it down for like a week or so. i hate when this happens!
  11. My hair was cut way too short in February and it has been torture waiting for growth! I did put highlights in to distract me and that has helped although I am not crazy about the color. I keep thinking ahead knowing that as the weeks pass the shape and color of my hair will continue to change and at some point I will look in the mirror and feel content.
  12. I would go right back to the same salon and demand them to fix their mistakes. If it's a really bad highlight that cannot be fixed, then I guess I'll just dye it all black then.
  13. I just hope after few washes the color will get better:unsure: if it's not working...we can still get new highlights or redo...right:wacko:
  14. no sweat - dye it dark brown/black and put some hair extensions in - problem solved!! lol