Asking for having a purchase packaged securely

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  1. I tried a search for something similar to this question but couldn't find anything for it. I recently bought a small handbag on eBay and I was wondering how could I ask the seller politely to package it nicely? The bag is flat and long so it could be folded if someone wanted to get it into a box.

    I would rather he/she not fold the bag in half or bend it in any way to get into a flat rate ship box.. I am paying $15 for shipping, so it's not like I'm trying to juice someone's free shipping offer for everything I can get.

    Sellers, how would you like someone to ask? What would you be receptive to? I don't want to offend the seller if they were already going to wrap it properly, I was just hoping to make sure.

    Buyers, have you ever requested something like this? Is it rational? Am I just being a looney tune? :wacko:

    Thank you all :smile:
  2. Dear seller:

    I can't wait to get this bag. Can you please make sure it is stuffed with tissue, placed in a plastic bag and put in an appropriate box. Please do not fold it. Thanks!
  3. ^^^^ Good...I agree

    OP, U R not being looney tune ..... I see noting wrong with trying to ensure your bag arrives unskathed! After one bag experience with received a bag "STUFFED" in a small box.....I now ask each time that a bag be shipped in an "appropriate size box" so it is not bent, folded or squeezed in any way.
  4. I would ask too. I have seen too may horror stories on here where people ruin the bag by folding it etc.
  5. I tend to ask how the seller intends to package the item, as; 'I would, obviously, hate for it be be damaged in the post'.

    Then, if it sounds good, I reply saying; 'That sounds great, thank you!' and if I'm still worried, I'll reply saying; 'Please would it be possible for you to wrap it in tissue and place it in an adequately sized, sturdy box?', or whatever.

    If I had a specific concern, like yours, I'd also say; 'Please can you ensure that the box is big enough to hold the bag unfolded/unsquidged? As, if not, I'm worried that the bag may be permanently creased.'.

    I might even give them an example of how this has happened to me, before, so they can then understand my paranoia! :lol:
  6. I package my bags and actually everything I sell as though it were a gift to an especially loved person. Have many feedbacks referring to just this, so I am a bit confused when a buyer sends an email asking me to package properly.

    But, I just send them a reply telling them that I will package safely.

    When you buy...look at the seller's feedback, that should tell you about them. Then if you still don't know, just ask politely how they intend to package for shipping.
  7. I don't think it hurts to ask. I had a bag shipped from the UK to Chicago, IL in a paper, that's right PAPER contraption of some sort. I literally tore it open and there was my bag. No tissue inside or out. The seller was very nice and conscientious otherwise, and actually a professional *bay seller. I felt very lucky the bag wasn't damaged in some way, as it certainly could have been.
  8. Yes I once got a $1K+ Bbag sent from Italy in a plain manila envelope! A miracle that it arrived unscathed.

  9. Just e-mail your seller asking if they wouldn't mind following your specific

    request for packing/shipping your item..
  10. You are definitely NOT being a looney tune! I have received poorly wrapped bags on several occasions. Now I always ask for the appropriate packaging. I say something similar to what noshoepolish suggested. Most of the sellers I have requested this of are very receptive and nice about it.

  11. :faint: that was a miracle!!

  12. Yes, would say quite the miracle it got to you...
  13. Bal Paris favors the DHL cardboard envelope deals. :s I seriously thought it was paperwork until I opened it and whoops, there's the bag.:nogood: Sheez $60 shipping for this? haha

    I don't think it's unreasonable. I've shipped a few and forgotten to stuff them and felt like a jerk afterward, but the buyer never mentioned anything, I just went by what "I liked."

  14. I agree with this quote! I think it is perfectly acceptable to request proper packaging. I have had many buyers request items packaged a certain way and I have never been offended; even though I pride myself on my use of bubble wrap ;)
  15. Thank you all! I went with:


    I just won your auction and am very excited to receive my item. :smile: Could you please not bend the purse in any way when you package it? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    And I got a positive response from the seller saying he would not bend it and send me a tracking number soon. I feel like my $15 was well worth it so far. I hope it comes perfect!