asking for chanel serial number

Aug 9, 2006
is there another reason why someone on ebay might ask for the serial number of a chanel? i'm assuming 99% of the time it would be to authenticate an item. i have a buyer who is asking for serial number and looking at their past transactions, i would never think that they would be interested in a chanel... have you experienced someone 'stealing' your serial number of a chanel? thanks!
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Uh oh...
Feb 10, 2007
I believe that the serial number tells you the year that the bag was manufactured. I also believe that there are differences in similar bags depending on the year of manufacture. Your buyer could be wanting to know how recently the bag was made and/or qualities specific to date of creation. (For example, black lamb skins of certain years have a maroon lining vs a black lining in other years. Obviously your pictures would show this type of detail but I believe there are other manufacturing differences by date.)


Jul 27, 2008
If you don't have a photo listed of the serial #, I would be asking you for a photo of it for authentication, not just the numbers.

Ed. but many listings display the serial # so I doubt she's trying to use it for ill gotten gains