Asking for attention? (long)

  1. Help! I need to know if this has ever happened to anyone else with there dogs or maybe even cats?

    My parents have been out of the country since April 5th and will be back on the 28th of this month. It's only me and my brother watching over the house and what not and Toby my pup who's 9 months old. He stays alone alot more than usual since they been gone.

    Usually, when i leave the house i will leave the window blind open so he can prop up on the couch and look out the window, i'll leave him chewies, and the radio on so it's not dead silent. All bedroom doors are closed other than mine. Well, one day my brother left the house for about 30 min tops and did not close his door. When he returned he found poo at the front of his bedroom door and a pee stain inside the bedroom.

    Of course he was upset and punished Toby and we just figured it was because since usually the door is closed and he only has access to his room when my brother is around that maybe since he was alone and had access to the room he decided to mark his territory.

    I did not buy into this because he's potty trained! Ever since he was like 5 months old this was his first mess! It was so awkward to me.

    Well about 20 min ago i was sitting in my room reading and he came into my room and jumped up on the bed and kept staring out my bedroom door. (Im home alone) He jumped off the bed and walked to my door and just stared something was out in the living room or something. Weirded out i walk out to check things out...when i get to the kitchen i find nothing but a pile of poo on the ground! :shocked:

    What is going on? Is he craving attention? Does he randomly get scared to go outside? He not once did this up until my parents have been gone. Twice now. Im so puzzled as to why he would go in the house at random times? The incident in my brother's happened about 3 weeks ago...then he was fine, and now tonight. :sad:

    Any advice or ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. is he trying to tell you that he has to go and you are missing his cues? i am confused, is he in your house and not the house he is used it...this could all be a part of it. just start takign him out every hour and make sure he goes, this should eliminate the problem
  3. Im sorry i forgot to mention he has a doggie door that he uses, haha.

    He does not depend on us to take him out. He knows to go out when he has to go.
    This is why it's so weird. And no, it's not a new house it's the same house he's been in since we brought him home at 3 months old.


  4. Some dogs will do this when there are changes in the household. When I got a new dog at the end of Jan to keep my other dog company, they both started having accidents in the house daily (often more than once). Now that they have a routine, there are accidents only rarely.

    You should walk your dog at least once a day, they are more likely to go when they are being active. When I take my dogs to visit their friends across the street in their yard, they will both go several times while running around.
  5. ^aww what lucky pups!! :smile:
  6. I used to do a lot of pet sitting. What you are describing is normal.

    Toby thinks your parents have died. He is very stressed.

    Toby is also very lonely.

    You need to spend more time playing with him. If you don't have the time, find a friend with a friendly dog and ask her to come over (visit, study, whatever) and bring the dog for Toby to play with. Or just borrow the dog and let them play while you are at work/school.

    Never punish a dog for accidents unless you see him in the middle of commiting the crime. By punishing him later, he doesn't know what you are punishing him for. This confuses him and makes him more stressed. More stress equals more accidents.

    Take Toby out frequently and give him lots of treats and love when he goes in the right places.

    Good luck!
  7. ^ I agree, it sounds like your dog is distressed. He can't figure out where his "parents" are and he has regressed to going to the bathroom in the house. The punishment probably did not help him either, as he may have sought revenge. I say give him lots of attention, show him stuff of your parents' so he can sniff and know they are still around and take him out often!