Asking for advice

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  1. Hi
    I desperately ask for advice.

    I bought from E-bay an Authentic Fendi bag, as it was described by the powerseller. However, I had resell it without visiting a fend store to check if it was authentic. The lady, who purchases the bag, was bargaining from the beginning for a cheaper price of the item and the shipping cost but I didn't accept to change the price of the bag.
    After few days she was complaining that the item was fake she also sent me by email a notice from the Fendi store (the serial number of the bag was not written to the notice).
    Then, I accept to fully refund her (paying also the shipping cost to send and receive the item).
    When I will receive the bag I will definitely visit a Fendi store to ask by myself for the authenticity of the item. If the bag proved as authentic, what I should do?
    I should refund her also the shipping cost as I agree with her for a fully refund? I should open a case with pay-pal for a liar buyer? I wouldn't like to have a negative feedback.

    I have also contacted the previous seller, who insisted that all the items that he sells are authentic. I had left him also a positive feedback 60 days ago. If finally the bag is Fake, can I ask him for a full refund? (Although they past more than 45 days?)

    I don’t know what to do.
  2. As to your buyer... you can choose to refund her or have her file a PP claim and let PP decide. Paypal often does side w/ a buyer, so sometimes it's less painful to refund and move on. Up to you.

    If you have photos of the bag, you could post then on the Fendi thread and get opinion as to authenticity from the ladies there. If it is deemed auth, maybe you could convince your buyer. If NOT auth, then you need to refund her, as you never should have offered it for sale.

    You should ALWAYS have a bag authenticated before you BUY it, AND after it is received. And before you offer a bag for sale to someone else.

    As to the person who sold YOU this bag... once you get it back, if it is deemed fake, then sure you can ASK your seller about a return/refund, but the seller may well tell you no at this late date.
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  4. I agree with Ellie Mae!

    Very appropriate advice.