Asking for a replacement bag from Dior - can I?

  1. Sorry if this is long :smile:

    In May I bought a messenger bag from the vintage traveller line and about one and half months ago one of the straps two studs broke away from the main body of the bag. Sorry if this is confusing - the long strap is attached on each side by two metal studs (like rivets if you know what they are) and that's all - it's not stitched again to give it extra support or anything.

    I don't abuse my bags, I use it for uni but I only had two papers this semester and never both subjects on the same day, so I know it's not because I over-stuffed it.

    It looks like the stud's end is narrower than the leather opening so of course it's going to come off. Now here's the thing, I live in New Zealand the bag was bought here at Dior - I took it into Dior almost six weeks ago and they rang me a few days later and said because they had to get all the parts in from France it would take two or three MONTHS to get it fixed.

    :s wtf.

    That's not reasonable AT ALL, I find! Plus it's almost Xmas/Summer holiday here and I'd like to take the bag with me on holiday at the end of this month. I rang them two weeks ago and asked how it was going and explained how I'd like to take it with me etc etc or even I'll take it to another Dior myself if it meant having my bag back quicker. They haven't rang me back since :sad:

    Now, my question is - is it reasonable for me to ask for a replacement bag if it means that I have to wait possible another two months (or even three or god knows how long since Dior NZ seems slack)? Also do any of you have similar experiences with Dior and what was the outcome?

    Many thanks :heart:
  2. Oh do ask for a replacement...blame their quality for this. Dior quality is usually amazing but once or twice they have a bad apple (according to PFers in the Dior subforum). I think that one of the PFers actually got a Rebelle bag replaced because one or two threads were loose.

    Good luck with this!
  3. Definately get a replacement.
  4. Yep, I would ask for a replacement. You spent decent amount of money on your bag and it shouldn't fall apart like that. You should get what you pay for in terms of quality and service. They shouldn't argue w/ it when you ask for a replacement. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for your advice, guys.

    I'll go there tomorrow and ask (and try not to fumble in the process).

    Sunnydqt, that's exactly what I thought - if it was a $10 or even a $100 bag, maybe I would expect it to fall apart so quickly and easily, but this is a "high quality" bag.

    Wish me luck :smile:
  6. Good luck ! I feel that's really unacceptable that an item that's supposed to be of superior quality just falls apart like that.
  7. When I got the baby blue monogram gym bag, the glue on the handles started to seeped through the fabric handle causing it to be yellowish looking stain. brought it back to Dior and they got me a brand new one, so yes, they will replace. Good luck
  8. good luck....i would insist on a new bag not a defective bag be repaired
  9. Good luck with getting your replacement bag Honey ! and dont be afraid to be harsh with them :rant: if you have any problems i dont know why but being rude in those designer shops helps u get what you want even though it should be another way around ! :yes:
  10. good luck indeedy! i really hope it turns out fine for you!

    i had my gaucho's rivets come off within a week of getting it, and so far, dior has been giving me the same spiel that you got - takes months to order the parts from paris, takes another million months to pop 2 rivets back into place. :cursing: they refused to give me a replacement gaucho since they sold out of the one i had, and didn't want to order any new ones from paris.

    *crosses fingers for you*