Asking e-BAY Sellers Questions ?

  1. One quick question!
    Do all questions & answers show up in a sellers auction listing.I noticed that my questions & her replies aren't visible to the public,just wondering why.
  2. The seller has to choose to make it public.
  3. Yeah, the seller chooses this option. I do when it's a general question somebody else may wonder.
  4. Thanks ladies,I don't deal with eBay often and found it a bit odd.I jumped the gun an placed a bid before asking some important questions and after getting her replies to the two questions I'm afraid something may be fishy with the auction.
  5. :yes: i also choose to make it public in those terms.
    i won't make public any private matters like payment options, etc
  6. You can retract your bid if you want to. :smile:
  7. I just started selling recently. I get pummeled with questions, so I answer all the legitimate questions, but do not make the answers public.
    If a buyer asks me a question that I think is important for everyone to know, the last one being about a Marc Jacob's zipper, I will post add'l photos and/or revise my listing to show the answer.
    Unfortunately, especially with Chanel sales, I have received a number of questions that are fake bag makers asking me to check out their website and sell their bags on eBay from within the US. Then I receive another message a day later from Ebay's safety department say "our records show that you have been contacted by so and so" please do not reply or buy anything from them.
    I actually spend more time deleting messages than answering legitimate questions. I check my auctions about 3 times per day. It is aggravating, but I do try to educate people who ask legitimate questions about the Purse Forum, how to get ebay sales authenticated, and anything else I can do to help them. Obviously, I don't want to publish all this stuff on my auctions.
  8. if there's loads of time left on the listing, the price will probably go up anyways
  9. I took your advise and retracted my bid,I just got a bad feeling after reading her replys to my questions,things just didn't add up.

    I checked that auction today out of curiosity and saw that e-bay had pulled the auction and the seller is no longer a member :wtf: .I'm glad I listened to my gut feeling about this transaction before I got screwed over.
  10. ^lucky u, cat!:smile:
  11. Your instinct is your best friend. I am glad things worked out for you.
  12. It's sellers like this that continually mess up things for the rest of us.
  13. oh, way to go!
    people all too oft dont' listen to their gut.

    jsut so you know, when you answer a buyers question, you can click a box that says to make the answer pop up on the auction page at the bottom.