Asking all the hongkongers and taiwanese

  1. Hi girls i'll be in hongkong and taipei in a few weeks time. I was wondering whether the DFS there carry LV and whether tourists are entitled to tax rebate when buying designer goods such as LV and chanel in these two countries.

    I cant wait to go shopping there. I heard so much about it ......yea this is the first time im goin there.

  2. No LVs in HK DFS, and there's no sales tax in HK.
  3. you should just visit the LV stores in HK (pacific place is a great one) and buy things there as no tax is applied in HK. what you see on the price tag is what you pay. :nuts: have a great time!!
  4. as mcmug said, there is no duty free LV (even so it definitely wouldn't be cheaper) and HK does not charge sales tax. You are better off just going to the boutiques looking for things.

    Have fun...!

    And enjoy the HEAT! (Sorry I was being sarcastic. It's 34*C today and super humid)