Asking all Saumur owners


Sep 3, 2020
Hello everyone who owns a Saumur/s!

I have an older Saumur 30 from the 90s and today I just took it out to wear it and, for some reason, I wanted to look it over to make sure there was nothing wrong with it from not being worn in a while. The front/top/back looked fine, but I found some small cracks on the canvas from the underside/back...
The cracks are located exactly where the bag folds in half, under / not exposed side of the bag. I'm attaching pictures. I had no idea this was going on. Now I'm just curious, is it just my bag or do some of you have the same or similar cracks? They are very small and hard to see unless you get really close to it. These cracks are bugging me because I was planning on getting all the vachetta replaced and I know LV won't take it with cracks on the canvas. Do you guys think they will reject servicing the bag because of these cracks?

Please let me know! I'm eager to hear what others see on the underside of their Saumur!