asking all Hayden Harnett Hudson Triple Satchel owners, I need help!


Ibu to 3 Lovely Nurs
Apr 14, 2006
Midwest USA
HI there everybody,

I was wondering for those who own this bag, do you keep the long strap on? For me I find it very awkward,
so I decided to not use and keep it with the dustbag.

But what bothers me most is the the rings that hold the long straps together is really large that to me it becomes a sore sight when I carry it. It really really bothers me...

Can anyone suggest where can I get it removed as I am really sure I don't want the longer straps.
I called HAyden HArnett and they said don't do that kind of thing.
I bought it at

Thanks gals....other then that, this bag is perfect...luscious and not too in your face....:okay:


Feb 4, 2007
Could you just have the rings cut off. I mean cut through the actual metal. I can't remember now how the rings are attached to the bag, but once the rings are cut, I would imagine you can slide it off. Have to be honest, the rings are a little too much when you use the short straps, but I use both straps, so not ready to alter the bag permanently.


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Apr 20, 2006
I'll bet that if you take the bag to your local cobbler / shoe repair place, they can take the rings off for you permanently.


Apr 2, 2007
that was my thought too - i haven't seen the rings in person, but maybe you could find a friend with carpentry or metalsmithing supplies, and you could get your hands on something that would do the trick.

i wonder even if you walked into home depot and asked one of the sales associates, they might be able to cut them off right in the store free of charge! i've found people there are super helpful and all too happy to demonstrate the tools :smile:


May 3, 2007
I'm assuming they are solid circles, only able to be removed if cut off? Just remember: If that's the case, you've killed the resale value of it...

If they are rings that can be pulled apart, just find a strong guy:sneaky: I once had a Ghurka with two more rings than I wanted to have, and they did add to the weight, so I had my husband pull them apart enough to slide through the loops and put them aside for use again if need be. Lucky, too - I did end up selling that bag on eBay...


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
I have this bag and use both the shoulder strap and the woven handles. Honestly, I wouldn't remove those rings becuz I think its part of the bag's charm. As someone else mentioned, by removing them, you kill the bag's resale value, plus I think you change the bag's overall appearance.

I would say that if you really don't like the look and will never use the shoulder strap that maybe you should check out some of the other HH bags. There are others that are made from the same kind of leather in the same colors.


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Dec 31, 2006
I wasn't sure about the rings when I first got the bag, because they were so big and were glued so that they stuck up awkwardly when not using the long strap. I loosened them though and now they don't bother me at all. I love the flexibility of using either the long strap or the woven handles. I know that originally they produced this bag with small rings but then switched to the large and I think it was a good decision. I wouldn't change the bag if I were'll get used to them. It's great bag...I carry it all the time!


Ibu to 3 Lovely Nurs
Apr 14, 2006
Midwest USA
Thanks everybody for your wonderful input...:tup:

I am going to scout around for places that can remove the ring..Home Depot, Cobbler, Locksmith etc..

But at the same time I will give myself a month carrying it around ..then, if then the rings still bothers me, I will go ahead and get it remove...

But again , the prob is I get bored easily and might want to sell it in some distance future..but so far, I love this bag...:yahoo: