Asking a guy out on a date?

  1. Hi gals..

    What do you guys think about asking a guy out on a date? Up to this point in my life, i have never done it before.. How do you go about doing it? Which communication channel would be the best?
  2. Tell us about the guy first.
  3. I would, just be casual
  4. I think its perfectly fine to ask a guy out if you like him. I used to not think like that when I was younger, I'd always wait until they asked me out!!!! But then after breaking up with my long term bf after college, I changed my mind.
    When I met dh I thought he was so hot I had to have him!! :love: I didn't waste anytime, seriously..long story!
    I would just suggest talking to the guy and asking if he would like to go out sometime.
  5. I would just ask him casually. I am in the situation right now. Im kind of shy and so is he. But i know, i have to be the one to make the first move. Im excited.
  6. i think you should do it casually.

    hey do you want to grab drinks on this day. Hey what are you doing later, do you want to grab dinner/go to this exhibition/whatever event.

    and then hopefully he responds and asks you out for a real date after your initial move=)))

    there is a fine line between him asking you out again for a real date and you guys ending up hanging out occassionally, which may not mean he's romantically interested...

    good luck !!
  7. ooohhh! I love the feeling of crushes and the feeling you first get when you start getting interested in a guy!! Too bad I haven't felt that way for a long time being that I'm currently in a four year relationship.... but if I were you, I would totally do it but in a non-aggressive, fun, casual way. Keep us posted as to how it goes!
  8. Just ask him as if you would ask a friend if they wanted to go do whatever. And for added caution, make whatever a weekday lunch, so if it turns out that you aren't really interested after talking to him for a bit, you both have to get back to work, look at the time, you are so totally late!
  9. ^lol!u're so smart!!
  10. i'm not normally what you would call old-fashioned, but i wouldn't ask a guy on a date. i'll make it perfectly clear that i'm single, looking, not doing anything later, and wanting to see a particular movie/try a particular restaurant/etc, but any guy that wants to get to know me better is at least going to have to show enough interest (and balls) to ask me out, given all that information.

    guys understand that the whole asking-out ritual generally is their responsibility if they want it to happen, and i'm not going to spend my time and energy doing something they should (and would) do on their own if they're interested enough. so i say be friendly, show your interest, and give the guy an opportunity to fulfill his end of the bargain. if he doesn't, then he's not interested enough or he needs some time to grow a backbone before he dates a real woman.

    this philosophy has never, ever failed me before. i generally get asked out by the ones i want to be asked out by. the ones that don't take the bait? it eventually becomes obvious that it wouldn't have worked out anyway.
  11. Just be casual about it...Ask him if he'd like to go for a coffee or something with you and then spend some time talking with him. Let him know you had a good time and say that you'd love to get together for dinner sometime
  12. I kinda of agree with Amanda. If I'm interested in you, you'll know it. I'll either flirt or figure out a way to see you etc etc. I mean, it certainly helps if you give me some hints that you're interested so I don't look like a complete fool asking your out if you're not interested. but, some guys aren't like me. They're shy and fear rejection. I tend to think if a guy doesn't make a move on you, he's not interested.
  13. Well.. did ask him out casually and he said "sure.. lets see how it goes after the big presentation".. we are presenting a pitch to a big account client on Monday and all of us have been under lots of stress.. but what do you guys make out of his answers.. is that a subtle rejection?
  14. You can try just asking him if you want to do (place whatever you both have a common interest in here), you should call me sometime.
    If the guy is shy make the first move, if you see him go out with a lot of different girls, then you shouldn't have to.
    If I hadn't asked my husband to dance, he was a shy guy, I doubt we would have ever met!
  15. I agree 100%! I've asked guys out before and I had a nice time, but NONE of those instances turned into relationships. I have a bunch of guy friends and they all say if they are really interested, they will ask you. Maybe there is a shy guy out there, but just drop hints like crazy, or (since some guys are honestly clueless sometimes) let a mutual friend let him know that you are into him.