Asked to ship with low value

  1. Hi

    I have sold a 'used-once' LV bag, with all receipts etc on eBay.

    The buyer is in the Philippines and has paid via PayPal.

    My question is - she has asked me to ship with a value of £47 on customs and not to leave feedback for her on eBay as she is a re-seller, should I do this?

    Also the address is unconfirmed - can addresses be confirmed in the Philippines?


    Thank you

  2. if you send with low value make sure you tell the seller that you accept no responsibility if the parcel gets lost , if she doesn't want your feedback, i see no problem with that either. having said that, the transaction sounds like it could be a slightly risky one, so i personally might be inclined to send at full value.
    as for confirmed addresses, i don't think they can be confirmed in the philippines.
    what sort of feedback do they have?
  3. Thanks for replying!

    She has a feedback of 20 (ID - buen2000)

    My concern with sending with a low value, if she agrees to accept responsibility, is that if it does get lost she can still claim back via PayPal?

    soooooo confused! I have been selling on eBay for years (always genuine LV) and have never come accross this before :sad:
  4. If you use EMS or other shipping method with tracking number, they can't claim for not-receive item. I'm in Asia and I always ask my seller to declare item amount for $25 :smile: you know custom in Asia... BEside legal custom charge, those corrupt custom officers will ask extra money for their pocket :yucky: for ex. legal custom charge $100, they'll ask $250 even $300 ( $ 100 is for government & the rest is for them )! :cursing:
  5. This topic has been the subject of many threads. If you are in the US, you are required by law to fill forms out accurately. It doesn't matter what the buyer says, you bear the risk of getting it delivered in proper condition. If you undervalue it, you can't insure it properly.
  6. if you mark the pkg down and god forbid it gets lost all you get back is what you marked the package at so you'll be out of pocket to cover the rest of the cost. imo not worth it esp for expensive items
  7. i would not change the value plus ...i would leave a feedback because i would want future buyers to see i sold a authentic LV bag.
  8. she's a reseller? and she admitted it? so she's going to resell the bag she bought from you? uh, ok. i know people do that including me but i wouldn't admit it. lol. do NOT declare it for a lower value. even if the buyer SAYS she accepts responsibility she doesn't. you the seller/shipper are responsible and it's you who will get screwed.
  9. The address is unconfirmed so regardless you aren't covered by the PayPal seller protection. I understand her point regarding the lower customs value though, I've had that happen to me. Although I don't feel comfortable doing it, especially since I was selling a used bag (so not even making a profit), I did only after the buyer agreed to not hold me responsible since not only is the insurance value less but I'm no longer covered by PayPal due to the unconfirmed address. Good luck! ::flowers::
  10. I just wanted to second that - you are always responsible when selling - no matter what you agree on. So when Sellers say things like 'if you choose not to buy insurance then that's your decision' - well that doesn't hold up.

    Mark the bag as Used hand bag. i know for Canada that gets rid of the duty fees - and it IS a used bag so...
  11. Addresses can only be confirmed in the United States and United Kingdom at the moment. I understand that the Buyer wants you to write a Low Value, because custom taxes can be very high. In Greece for example I have to pay around 30-40% of the item and on the shipping as well. So for everything under 46 euros I don't have to pay.

    I would send the item with tracking so you make sure that the buyer receives the item, and tell the buyer to accept respondsability if the item is lost or damaged.
  12. I wouldn't do it. I only ship to the US and Canada, but I have shipped outside these countries in the past and the item was lost. I am all for customer service, but I would cover your tail first...tell her that you will not lie on the customs forms, end of story.
  13. Thanks everyone

    I emailed her to accept full responsibility for the item if I shipped it with a low value...and she refused! She said that we should JOINTLY take responsibility!! I don't think so!! Before I had even had the chance to reply to her (I am UK, time difference) she filed a 'not-received' complaint with PayPal.

    So it looks like my bag was meant to stay with me and not be sold.

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your help
  14. WHAT??? mind you i did have a funny feeling about this one, let us know what paypal do/say
  15. I can't believe that, maybe it's just better that the bag stays with you.