Asked a question and seller changed PRICING!

  1. I asked a question on an item in regards to sizing, legitimately for a friend b/c they weren't near their computer. And, the seller replied promptly, but when I went to go look at the item again, she CHANGED THE PRICING! WTF? I have never done that and I'm shocked to see that she did it as well. I thought it was very "shady" for lack of a better word. My friend was going to buy the boots too, but now out of principle we both were like SCREW THAT! lol

    I know as a seller I would never and have never done that, especially if there are watchers or I have been asked a question about it. It's one thing perhaps to do it if that has not occurred, but otherwise I thought it was done in poor taste.

    If anything, I have perhaps lowered the price, but never ever put a reserve and/or raise the price! Mind you the starting bid wasn't 9.99 or something. The starting bid was $700+ so that gives you an idea of the item.

    Has this ever happened to you?
  2. It would have been fun to make an offer for less than the original starting price. :roflmfao:
  3. :wondering ** slowly raises hand**
    i have done that but not because someone asked me a question rather i was unsure about my starting price. I have done it both ways though raise it and lower it. Maybe the buyer was unsure too and they were going to raise it anyway but you happened to ask a question...:yes:
  4. Nah...I always lower it LOL
  5. Never happened to me, nor have I done it.
  6. Maybe she was going to change it anyway before your question.
  7. ^^^that is possible, but the timing definitely was off then.

    To clarify a bit though, in my question, I even stated that I was very interested in buying them. I just found it weird, but yes she could have wanted to change it beforehand. Fair. Oh well! lol
  8. Who knows. That's weird.
    Sometimes if I'm desperate enough, I'll lower the price if someone asks me a question to get them more eager to actually bid.
  9. I have only changed the price to go lower, never higher. Strange.
  10. have you made the seller an offer? maybe she will re-lower it for you (fingers-crossed)
  11. Most probably out of greed - seller supposed someone is really interested enough to ask and will buy regardless. Bad judgment, you and your friend are right in not buying it - serves the seller right!
  12. they probably did you a favor anyway. i bet you theres something wrong with it.
  13. It's better if you email seller and ask about it if your friend is really interest to purchase it. As a seller myself, I ever did the same but it's not by a potential buyer ask a question then I change the price to trick her but I changed the price due to the nasty eBayer who deal with me change her mind and I need to change to the normal price. Perhaps your seller got the similiar thing?
  14. GUILTY. I have listed things before and was unsure of a good starting price when first posted and later changed my mind and increased it. I typically get multiple questions daily so that is not always the catalyst for the change but pure coincidence as I will always have questions. Until there are bids the seller is free to revise the auctions as much as they like (except for changing the number of days of the auction since they have limited that now). I often add things to the description, add more shipping locations if I see a lot of int'l interest, I've changed to free shipping, take better pics and alter my price throughout the auction. I've added buy it now pricing when buyers have not wanted to wait for an auction to end. I've also lowered pricing. My view is if buyers want to be sure the initial price they saw stays there they should bid early versus waiting until the end. Otherwise, with no bids a seller is free to toy with any aspect of their auction listing....including price. If you want to make sure they do not change and lock them in. Just as Neiman has been known to post items at a lower price and then change to a higher price later...sometimes I am sure because they notice more demand than originally expected. Those that bought the item early and didn't procrastinate lucked out and those that waited are left with the higher price or also have the choice not to purchase at the higher price. I agree ideally that you should price your item right to begin with and leave it alone but I am OK with a sellers perogative to change a price if they want to prior to receiving bids.
  15. Very well said BlkLadyLaw! I totally agree with you on this issue.