"Ask & You Shall Receive"--My 2nd Bal ;-)


Throw it in da bag!!
Oct 7, 2008
New York City
Okay, so to make a long story (kind of) short. Last week, TPFer tunvarat posted pics of her lovely new Bal purchases and I COMPLETELY fell in love with one of them in particular. I could not get it out of my mind. I HAD to have it! But the bag is very HTF, especially in new condition (since it's a retired, sold-out color).

So this week, I posted a "Help Me Find" thread. :sos: Little did I know that I had a TPF Bal Angel looking out for me. My Bal Angel.... Crazyaboutbags. She PM'd me notifying me that Erica (******) had that exact bag and was about to post it on her website... Needless to say, I got to the phone :chatty:and on email so fast Hussein Bolt would not have been able to keep up! I sent Erica an email and waited for her reply--hoping the bag was still available... In the meantime, I realized something about the PM my Bal Angel sent me that made me feel at ease. Her real name is the same as my sister's. What are the odds? So I thought to myself "this just HAS to be a sign." Like good karma, KWIM.

Soon after, Erica emailed me pics of the bag stating it was still available. Erica had recently purchased the bag from Bal London! Can you believe it--BNWT :yahoo:

Crazyaboutbags, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :hugs:

Okay... Ready for a quick reveal?
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Mar 19, 2007

I read thru your story so fast and then scrolled down expecting a picture.

And then this! A reveal! Damn you! JK.

On with it. :salute: