Ask to use your coupon early!

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  1. If you're like me and live in the Mid-Atlantic part of the country, the second huge snowstorm in a week is bearing down on you. The latest 20% coupon starts on Thursday, right in time to dig out from 2 feet of snow. I asked at my local outlet if I could use it today, because of the impending bad weather, and the manager said YES! So cool. Just goes to show that you never know until you ask. :yahoo:
  2. ^they've allotted me the same privilege if it was about to come out the day after my visit ... but nothing wrong with asking!
  3. Me too! In Canada! I said "oh - too bad I can't use my coupon until the 11th" and they said no problem - we'll give you the extra 20% off! That is great service!
  4. Snow has already started here...too late for an earlybird for me!
    Hopefully I can dig out on Friday and hit the outlet
  5. Oh, so good to know!! I had know idea!!!!
  6. Thats great for you... I went in yesterday thinking the coupon had already started and I was going to spend like $300, they wouldnt let me use the coupon early and are holding the diaper bag I want but wouldnt hold the scarf I wanted... They are making me drive back out tomorrow knowing we have a snow storm here too. I was pretty ticked off.... Maybe they should have seen how much I've spent there before saying NO! I cannot believe other stores allowed it and they wouldnt allow it yesterday for me. Now I have to take my pregnant butt back to the store tomorrow to pick up my bag, it's not close to me by any means either. Oh well. Sucks to be me I guess!
  7. How do you get coupons for the outlet stores? Are they passing them out at the door?
  8. A lot of outlets pass them out at the door. Sometimes they come through the mail (like I got a pretty mailed one this time).
  9. Ok if i was you id call coach customer service they can make this exception thats inconciderate why does it matter if u come bak tomorrow your still buying it thats lame
  10. I know. I think it's completely silly! Oh well. Can't really do much about it now since they didnt allow it that day. If I had known some stores make exceptions, I would have fought it at the time. They are always so nice at Coach so I just figured it was their policy... not that it's up to the manager in charge. Is their service going downhill?